We know you worry about your parents and loved ones, even when they are living across the world. Zanthion continuously monitors your elderly loved ones and their environment, notifying you, and if you choose, their neighbors and doctors, of a situation that requires intervention.

Personal Notifications

The actions you take make all the difference. Your loved ones are ensured the fastest response and highest quality of staff and emergency performance through the Zanthion senior monitoring alert app with embedded event chat (compatible with iOS or Android). The entire process from an event to the resolution is streamlined and optimized to ensure compliance and produce valid results.

Connecting To Their Community

We connect seniors to their neighbors. All their neighbors need is a smartphone and your permission, and they will be able to monitor the well-being and health of your loved one. If your loved one falls or is about to fall, neighbors and physicians will be notified and their actions tracked until the situation is resolved.

Free Sensors

Zanthion provides all the sensors, the analytics,
and the installation at no cost to your home. You get:

  • Real time environmental awareness
  • Your parent’s trend data over any time period
  • A nurse call system for free
  • A flexible dashboard of events
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Predictions on required interventions needed

In-Depth Awareness

Zanthion helps you assess the health of all the people you care about in a single dashboard with real-time aggregated moving averages on their condition and well-being.

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