Wireless Nurse Call System

Zanthion offers a complete nurse call, fall detection, and notification system for assisted living communities and communities of all sizes to bring the necessary services to residents.

Free Nurse Call and Event Messaging

Nurse call systems are only as good as the number of false positives. Zanthion limits false positives through advanced filtering, flexible configuration, and knowledge of behavior on an individual basis. We ensure quality assessment and responses through our unique smart event-based assessment and resolution system. Messaging is an integrated part of every event, encouraging communication and recoverable for analysis.

Free Sensors

Traditional nurse call systems are based on a request for help or a single device reporting an outside of window of operation event. We all know the real world is much more than this. The real world is a combination of events occurring at the same time, creating a critical event. Zanthion has the best AI scientists in the world who have created a senior care app that predict critical events within the hour of their occurrence.

Existing Nurse Call System Integration

We will integrate with any existing nurse call system at our expense. Zanthion provides aggregation of all data including location, the time of the event, and the type of the event, on every imaginable interval. When we integrate with your existing nurse call system, all dashboards, AI, and aggregated analytics are included, so that no matter what you existing system is, it becomes state-of-the-art instantly.

Resident And Staff Performance

You need a nurse call system that informs you of a call for help and automatically notifies you of a need for intervention. Better yet, you need a system that tells you that an intervention will be needed in an hour. You need a system that nurses and staff can read and respond to on the go, encourages teamwork, and captures critical information about events without imposing onerous responsibilities on your already over-committed staff. Zanthion provides a free nurse call system that delivers all these things and performance metrics on all patient interactions.

Instant Notification

Your communities are ensured the fastest response and highest quality of staff and emergency performance through the Zanthion medical alert system with embedded event chat. The entire process from an event to the resolution is streamlined and optimized to ensure compliance and produce valid results.

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