Live INDEPENDENTLY with the SMART Wellness Platform from Zanthion

We'll Be There When Nobody Else Can Be

Fall Detection & Prevention Notification

Gait Change & Injury Notification

Muscle Fatigue & Acceleration Notification

Habit Change and Bathroom Fall Notification

Not Back In Bed and Sleep Pattern Notification

Staff & Family Performance Data

24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week - No Long Term Contract - No Activation Fees - No Hassle Install

senior living communities

Zanthion can provide senior living communities with comprehensive wearable and environmental packages that allow residents to remain healthy, safe, and secure.  We also provide staff notifications, operational metrics, and automated incident documentation.  Seniors can live independently with a virtual and unobtrusive safety net.

An AI-driven, predictive analytics, help call/SOS, fall detection, wandering, automatic fall detection, and notification system designed to improve the quality of life of seniors living at home and for caregivers in their lives.

A PaaS provider hosts the hardware and software on its own infrastructure. Zanthion will work with your company, group, or corporation to customize a SMART system.

Zanthion provides a perfect way for physicians to remotely monitor physiological parameter(s) such as heart rate with wearable SMART Watches.