Enhancing The Quality Of Life

Zanthion was established by Philip Regenie after experiencing the challenges his parents faced in their final years of life. Philip and his siblings were contacted with false emergencies, real emergencies, and interrupted at work.  They, like so many, drove miles to take care of their parents as caring children should. Both parents wore the "state of the art" medical alert systems.

Philip decided to create Zanthion with the priority of preserving the dignity of seniors.  We at Zanthion believe in:

    • assessment of the environment
    • assessment of frailty
    • protection from harm
    • measurement of stability
    • prediction of decline
    • automatic notification
    • effective resolution
    • response performance
    • resolution assessment


Zanthion provides solutions for senior care including assessment of frailty, environment safety assessments, stylish wearable sensors that automatically notify family, friends, staff, and emergency services of a need for help.  Zanthion exists to create new and disruptive solutions to improve the lives of seniors and their families.