Automatic FALL Detection and Activity Monitoring

Fall Detection and SOS call systems are only as good as their availability. We recognize that seniors want to look good and maintain their feeling of independence and dignity. For that reason all our wearables are beautiful, waterproof, and functional. Automatic detection of falls and help requests are sent to specific people, a centralized switchboard, or to a group of people.

Wearable Monitoring

The Zanthion Watch is a Full Android Gateway and and Mobile Client with GPS, Indoor Positioning, cellular service, WiFi, voice control, and audio. Used in conjunction with our Environmental Sensors Zanthion limits wandering and if requested can even control door locks.


Sensor Technology

Inside of the Zanthion Help Button Wearable is a sophisticated low energy blue tooth sensor with an accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, light and pressure sensor.  Our push button applications only use the on/off button activated by pressing the button on the wearable face.  Pushing the button requests that one of our Android Gateways distributed throughout the environment send a help request for the person wearing the sensor.  The gateways, in turn, communicate with the local WiFi system and send help requests anywhere in the world to designated recipients.

Zanthion Mobile Client

Mobile Clients

A fall or a request for help is received by mobile clients all with the option of responding.  Every mobile client can see what the other mobile clients are doing including their current location with respect to the person who has requested help.   They even have the ability to chat with each other so that any fears can be abated.   When mobile clients arrive at the senior's location they press the arrived button on their mobile device.  This prompts them for information about why was the help requested and the condition of the person requesting the help.

Zanthion Gateway

The Zanthion Gateway is at the heart of the Zanthion Platform. It can be installed on any Full Android device and listens to any registered Zanthion Sensor. We ship the Mi-Box entertainment system with every subscription already configured with the Zanthion Gateway. Each gateway listens for sensors within 75 feet, analyzes the data, and sends out notifications to chosen recipients.

Quality of Life For Everyone

We all know that we are healthier and happier with friends and purpose. Helping those around you look good and stay protected is incredibly satisfying. Sign up and be a part of something great.

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