Wandering GPS - Automatic FALL Detection - Activity Monitoring

Our SMART Watches have geo-fencing, Alzheimer's GPS, heart rate monitoring, automatic fall detection, activity monitoring, voice activated call answering, and can be found using the Zanthion Mobile Application. When our SMART Watches are employed with our open/close sensors you know when a loved one has left the house and are notified if they leave a defined perimeter. We recognize that seniors want to look good and maintain their feeling of independence and dignity. For that reason all our wearables are beautiful, waterproof, and functional. Wandering, automatic detection of falls, and help requests are sent to specific people, a centralized switchboard, or to a group of people.


Full Android SMART Watch

The Zanthion SMART Watch is a Full Android Smart Watch with activity tracking, GPS, a heart rate monitor, automatic fall detection, and voice controlled answering.  This watch delivers automatic notification of registered family members, friends, neighbors, staff, or physicians of a request for help, falls, and notifications of wandering outside defined boundaries. The Zanthion Mobile Client is a free to mobile application to registered stakeholders that pinpoints the SMART Watch wearer using Google Maps and provides directions directly to the loved one.  Our automatic fall detection devices has a proprietary algorithm that is adjustable for the persons activity level and weight.  Each device continuously measures movement, steps, acceleration while standing, acceleration while sitting, how far the wearer moves away from the center, and whether or not they are moving less and less.

Wandering Notification

Zanthion uses a geo-spatial technology with millisecond response times that notifies you instantly that your loved one has left a perimeter defined by you. Our Alheimer's GPS works in conjunction with our open and close door sensors so that from the moment a senior opens the door you are notified. The Zanthion Mobile Client tracks into the neighborhood with the same resolution you get while driving and using Google Maps. Our Wandering GPS provides you with the exact location of the senior in the neighborhood and provides directions directly to them.

Voice Activated Call Answering

The Zanthion SMART Watch is configured to use voice activated call answering. When there is a call, simply saying, “Answer the call,” or waving the other hand over the top of the watch will accept it. To refuse the call, turn the wrist upside down. Be aware that whenever a call is accepted using a voice command, the speaker will be turned on automatically.

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