Assisted Living

Senior Living Communities

Zanthion offers several community services to improve the quality of life for the operators of communities as well as the residents.  Our services range from environmental analysis to our monitoring and wireless help call system. Zanthion helps you keep residents stronger for longer with better decisions, lower costs, and a higher quality of existence. 

Aging In Place

Zanthion provides a complete solution for aging in place including  environmental assessment, cost estimates on modifying the environment to optimize senior comfort, contract services to enhance the environment, environmental sensors that help improve the quality of a seniors life at home, protective clothing, and senior care monitoring. 

City & County

Zanthion is flexibly designed to meet the needs of cities and counties seeking to be resilient.  The Zanthion City & County Activity Monitoring System is uniquely positioned to inform emergency personnel of seniors who might need assistance without third party operators.

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