Quality of Life for Everyone

A Day in the Life of a OMVeritas Community

By Philip Regenie on August 18, 2018


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Wednesday is a busy day in the OMVeritas community, after waking from a good night sleep residents can enjoy the breakfast of the day, participate in afternoon activities, and dine with their family, all with the support of community staff enabled by OMVeritas.  When Agnus wakes up after a great night sleep in a OMVeritas Community her Android Large Screen TV turns on automatically, her bed exit alarm has indicated she is awake,  and shows her the breakfast of the day and images of her family. Agnus reaches over and takes her OMVeritas Protective Pants off the clothes rack near her bed, highly breathable stain resistant pants with an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.  Although overweight she was diagnosed as Frail, using the Frailty Index for Elders, and slips into her OMVeritas SMART Pants with an internal reinforced glut and waist strap for easy stand assists. 
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Her pants have a OMVeritas SMART Activity sensor built into them ensuring that if she forgets her necklace or doesn’t wear her watch she is still confident that help will arrive if she slips and can’t get up.  The OMVeritas Platform will inform her circle of help that she has fallen and requires help. 

Today is difficult strength morning so she says, “OK OMVeritas, I need help,” requesting an assist getting off the bed and into her walker. The Full Android OMVeritas Gateway and responds to verbal commands. On the main event monitor for the assisted living community Agnus’s HELP request scrolls to the top of the dashboard and turn red.  At the same time the total number of help requests for the community and for Agnus is incremented by one. The number of help requests, falls, soiling events, window opens, and bed exits are all displayed per period of time.

The Staff of the Community and her friends get the request for help on their mobile devices.  The main dashboard for the community shows a request for help. Her friend in the room next door and George on staff both indicate they are responding to help Agnus.  All other staff can see they have responded and how long it will take them to aid her. Her friend arrives first pressing ARRIVED on her mobile phone and greets Agnus as she always does with, “How’s it going girl?”,  and sits down in the chair near the bed. George arrives 1 minute later pressing ARRIVED on his tablet and greets Agnes and Dorothy her friend. George asks Agnus how he can help and she indicates help up from the bed.

George presses the HELP UP radio button on the assessment form popped up on his tablet when he pressed ARRIVED. George is a professional setting up the walker and positioning himself to use the help straps located at the hip on Agnus’s pants.  Since the pants have begun to be used in the community workman’s comp claims have decreased by over 80% and breaks due to falls have decreased by 40%. 

George wishes Agnus and Dorothy a good day and RESPONDS to the new CHANGE REQUIRED event on his tablet from Susie, another resident.  A change required event is sent when a community member is wearing pull ups and the OMVeritas SMART Adult Pull Up. The pull up has a OMVeritas SMART Sensor attached to it which sends a CHANGE REQUEST event when there is a soiling event.  Lucy, another staff member,  also RESPONDED to the request from Susie.  Lucy and Susie have been friends for years.  She initiates a chat with George and writes, “I got this.”  George checks in on his tablet to see how Susie is doing. She completed the change required in just 2 minutes.  Very impressive results lowering the number of sepsis incidents in the community by over 30% in two years.

Susie and Agnus head off towards the special breakfast of the day, eggs benedict.  As they move down the hallway images of what they are interested in and their family appear on the TVs mounted on the walls.  Their BLE sensors act as tags uniquely identifying them so that streaming images from their personal folders arrive at the monitors as they pass by.  All hallway TVs are voice activated allowing any resident to request help or ask for a weather report as they pass by. 

As Agnus and Dorothy are walking Dorothy slips and falls, as is the case with seniors.  Agnus asks her, “Are you alright, dear?” Dorothy says, “These pants are incredible. It hurt a little bit but no problem.” On the community dashboard the FALL alert lit up and all the staff are notified. In fact Agnus’s watch is ringing telling her that Dorothy fell.

 George is just around the corner so RESPONDS to the alert and shows up within 1 minute. His response time is recorded and aggregated as a performance metric for himself for the day, week and year and for the whole community as a whole. His average response time is 43 seconds.  He is the top performer in the community and in fact, the company as a whole. That wins George an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii every year for he and his wife. The automation of event data, when they occurred, who responded, how quickly they responded, and their assessments have saved the community 4% on their liability insurance payments for the last 3 years.  More importantly, the families of the community members, are informed of incidents as they occur along with the response data, and have responded by lowering the number of legal actions against the community by 30%.

George helps Dorothy up, fills out the fall assessment,  and get’s her on her way without incidence. It’s 8:30 am and time for the morning staff meeting in the community.  

Every morning the OMVeritas Community has a staff meeting reviewing data from the previous day.  The report shows number of falls, reasons for falls, help requests, reasons for help requests, number of showers, number of changes, false help requests, injuries to residents, staff reported injuries, and satisfaction assessments, residents whose activity is decreasing, residents who are no longer going as far from their center, and residents who are starting to wander or suffer cognitive impairment.  The time to resolution is 1:23 seconds with a community target of 1 minute. Staff and administration discuss ways to achieve the best performance in the industry based on assessment data and resource allocation. They also discuss residents who need special supervision and how to optimize their health.

When Aguns and Dorothy arrive at the breakfast hall everyone is excited about the Fashion Show at 10:00am.  A OMVeritas Independent Consultant is putting on a fashion show followed by a sleep education seminar. Both Agnus and Dorothy are in the fashion show sporting OMVeritas SMART Skirts, Pants, and Sweaters.  Each fashion show has a different theme with a red carpet, music from their generation, great lighting, models from the community and the independent consultant as an announcer. Seniors can sign up to be consultants and buy new jewelry with embedded sensors, protective clothing with sensors, and participate in educational programs about nutrition, sleep and exercise.

New products such as the ReSound LiNX Quattro™ hearing aid that is completely integrated in the OMVeritas environment or the new voice commands to request a ride or help a child learn to read are discussed. Harry, who sits at their breakfast table, has been listening intently to their conversation and tells them, “Ever since I got these new hearing aids and the OMVeritas Watch my life has changed.  I can hear everything everyone says. The watch listens to the conversation and sends the enhanced signal to my ReSound hearing aids. It’s changed my life.”

 Harry pushes the help button in his pocket so that someone can walk with him back to his room. He has macular degeneration and doesn’t see as well as he used to. He is looking forward to listening to some jazz and listening a chapter of “On Walden Pond” one of his favorite books.  All has to do when he gets back to his room is ask Alexa for Miles Davis and ask google to read “On Walden Pond”.

After the fashion show Agnus and Dorothy head back to their rooms where they usually request Android connect to their sons and daughters and have a video call.  As Agnus opens the door to her room the lights and TV come on. She says, “Alexa, Play Beethoven,” and soft Beethoven comes on in the background. She then says, “Ok Google, Call Johnny,” her son.  Android TV uses Google Duo loaded by OMVeritas on her player. Johnny answers and watches his mom sit down slowly in the chair in front of the TV.

Johnny checks the OMVeritas Dashboard on his phone everyday to see how his mom is doing and has noticed that she has not been walking as much lately and says, “Good afternoon mom.  I am coming over taking you for a walk after work today. Are you up for that?”

Agnus says, “That would be great.  I need it.”

Down the hall from Agnus is Tom who has been showing signs of mental deterioration.  The OMVeritas Community has organized his room to look like his home. Android TV has been programmed with Channels for TV series that he enjoyed while a young man along with images from his family.  Tom wears the OMVeritas SMART Watch with GPS and geo-fencing. He has access to the outdoors and even short walks about the neighborhood. Management likes to watch his activity and is informed when he leaves his room and wanders past a perimeter outside the resident facilities.  When he has been gone more than an hour an alarm is sent to staff who can see where he is located on their phones and give him a call to see if he is alright. Tom can answer the call on his watch with voice commands. The OMVeritas Community sends someone out to collect Tom and bring him home when he does not answer.  Some of the neighbors Tom knows in the neighborhood have the OMVeritas Client loaded on their phones and are notified he is out and about also. Occasionally they go outside and walk him back to the community.

That evening Johnny showed up to take his mom for a walk.  Agnus loves to keep track of her activity and heart rate so she put on her watch and off they went.  Johnny knows to take it easy on her and when her heart rate gets over 130 beats a minute.

Showers and nighttime are challenging times for most communities.   This particular evening Agnus entered the shower at 9:30 pm as registered by the motion detectors in the bathroom.  At 10:15 pm there was not movement in the shower or her rain and the door to bathroom was still closed. All these were indicated on the main dashboard for the community.  An alarm was fired off to the friends of Agnus and staff at 10:16 pm. Dorothy was the first to find her friend on the floor of the bathroom. She held her hand till George arrived.  George requested emergency services when Agnus was unresponsive. Johnny showed up at the hospital at the same time as the ambulance and was happy to see his mom awake and aware. She had passed out getting out of the shower.  Fortunately she suffered no major injuries when falling to the floor. Everyone was thankful that the OMVeritas Motion sensors protected her privacy while notifying concerned that something must be wrong.


This technology is available today with complete support throughout the lifecycle of ownership.