The majority of the elderly live a more simplified lifestyle than their younger selves. They don’t try to go out as much or meet new people. Due to their lifestyle, they tend to be stuck in their old ways as they live out the rest of their lives, even if they don’t really want to.

Seniors love to mingle and talk and be sociable, but they don’t always feel it is the most necessary way for them to put their energy towards that criteria. However, people know that when they have more friends, they are more sociable, they live a healthier and happier life. That is why it is very important to help those that need a little assistance and connect them to those around them.

Companies like Tinder and Snapchat grew incredibly fast because they targeted a younger generation who was more outgoing and open. This nice to have gave a social status to anyone who was popular, famous or informative, and the services knew that. This won’t work on seniors. The elderly could care less about their social media status, so any incentive to have them on the app will be tough. Any application or service that wants to help seniors needs to be curated specifically towards them, rather than trying to teach them how to use the ones out there, because they won’t want to use them.

When getting them connected to the community around them, it is important to show the possibilities of what they can do without giving them any discomfort. There are no nice-to-have products that can really disrupt senior care, because they don’t care for them. You can get away with it by launching another messaging app for teenagers, but unless it affects their health and well-being significantly, it just won’t matter as much.

That shouldn’t let you get discouraged though. Health technology is coming very quickly, and helping seniors who live longer than ever and are going to be needing services for much longer periods of time.

Growing at a staggering rate, there are a lot of seniors that would like to connect with one another, but they just need right tool. It’s time to get them off watching TV.