As a caregiver, responding to every emergency or situation around your assisted living community can easily become overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, as technology has evolved over recent years, there are now several apps designed to support caregivers, making senior living much more manageable for those overseeing and tending to the needs of the community. Throughout this post, we will take a look at the many useful features that the Internet of Things has provided caregivers who look after seniors in communities throughout the country.

OMVeritas is an all-inclusive medical alert system offering an extensive list of features which are unmatched by our competitors. When assisted living communities are looking for a senior monitoring system loaded with features like passive patient monitoring or live fall detection, they choose OMVeritas. Our proven medical alert app has been used for both senior community living, as well as independent elderly living for those who seek independence from the comfort of their own home. To learn how OMVeritas and other senior monitoring systems have helped communities around the country, continue reading more below.

Senior Fall Detection

While conventional elderly monitoring devices were only equipped with the most basic technology to alert first responders of an emergency, modern medical alert apps have now been designed to send push notifications directly to a user’s smartphone or smart device the moment something goes wrong. Traditional senior monitoring systems were only equipped with a single button that could be pressed by an elderly individual during a crisis. However, new smart senior monitoring devices can now inform family members or senior care staff exactly when the person in question fell, how long it took for emergency services to respond, and who responded to the emergency. These new technologies help streamline and refine emergency responses by improving both response time and quality for a higher level of monitored care.

Smart Senior Monitoring

There are many instances where elderly individuals would rather live independently in the comfort of their own home, without requiring the care that many seniors receive in assisted living communities. While this would normally not be possible for seniors in the past, the recent development of elderly monitoring devices has allowed individuals to maintain a normal daily schedule in their own home without being required to relocate to a senior living community.

Thanks to cutting-edge medical alert apps, such as OMVeritas’s all-inclusive medical alert system, family members or caregivers can now monitor the slightest discrepancies in a senior’s day-to-day activities. Using smart monitoring sensors to detect unusual activity, OMVeritas’s sensors are capable of detecting light and motion, temperature fluctuations, and other real-time variables that could suggest that an elderly individual may require assistance. Since data is passively collected throughout the day, users can easily view quantifiable graphs and charts to assess how the senior in question is doing. Some medical alert apps can even predict when assistance is required, giving modern senior monitoring systems a significant advantage over their traditional counterparts.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring Devices

It is human nature to be resistant to change, especially as you progress in age. While some seniors may not want to accept that they could require assisted care at some point, it is a real possibility that should be taken into account. Conventional elderly monitoring devices stand out when worn, which many don’t like. In fact, some elderly people find that wearing a medical alert device is embarrassing. While there is nothing embarrassing about requiring assistance if an emergency arises, some users prefer discreet devices that don’t look like the white plastic pendants you see on infomercials.

Luckily, new medical alert pendants look as stylish as they do inconspicuous. Many medical alert necklaces can now be worn with normal clothing while looking like a fashionable accessory, making it easy for seniors to be monitored if something were to go wrong.

The features listed above are just a few reasons why the latest senior monitoring systems are essential for running a smoother and more efficient assisted living community. Not only do modern elderly monitoring devices help caregivers respond to emergencies in a timely manner, they also improve the quality of life for seniors who require care. To request more information on OMVeritas’s all-inclusive medical alert system, or to view pricing for any of our products, visit our website today.