The internet is full of articles that teach you how to build consumer products for the millennial, because the most active users on the internet are in fact the generation that is building them. Upon close inspection we can see that successful product ecosystems have hubs of information like Medium for millennial consumer products, critical mass in terms of a community driving the market with innovation, and money that believes the market has sustainable economics.

There aren’t many companies building consumer products directly for the elderly, there aren’t hubs of information on senior product development, and there is a lack of focused money available for the market. All these factors are changing currently.

The user experience that Medium has is perfect for seniors. Here are a few features that Medium has that the elderly will find beneficial:

Bigger Font

The default font on is more legible than any other platform. According to many articles that teach companies how to look more appealing to seniors, they say that a necessity is having the font at least 12. Medium doesn’t have to change their font accordingly to be curated for the elderly, and the lines are properly spaced for any of them to go through each article with ease.

An educated community of intelligence

Seniors can have questions answered they never thought of asking, and get educated on topics that could be critical to their well being. Over 70% of users over the age of 40 are active users on sites that are health related. When seniors search about their health, it is rarely about things they can do help them live a more productive life, like meditation or pomodoro technique. They are searching about foods to help them live longer, or keep their blood pressure low, things that they need to learn about in order to stay healthy with different non-medical techniques.

Thanks to the internet, seniors are able to expand their knowledge from people they talk to every day, but at the height of fake news and false assumptions on what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Medium has shown that they strive for a community of integrity.

Their voice can be heard

A trending hashtag, #agingvoices, has continued to gain momentum. Seniors have a lot to say, and can be very opinionated with certain controversial topics, which is very helpful in hearing their side of the story. Medium has made it very easy to find topics to follow and read different articles from bloggers. They have also made it very easy for writers to publish their thoughts in a few easy steps. Medium has always appealed to the millennial generation due to a very crisp designed interface with simplistic finishes, and it’s great user experience can surely benefit older generations as well.

Seniors are just like you and me, they think of themselves as healthy happy participants in society. Of course they have concerns; the rising cost of healthcare, medicine, nursing care, and the cost of living.

Medium allows seniors to group their reading by areas of concern such as dementia, Obamacare, Trumpcare, and any number of currently important issues for them personally. What would be incredibly helpful for them would be companies writing about and enabling technologies that improve the lives of seniors.