Thanks to advancements in technology, medical alert systems are now packed full of features that were previously unavailable to consumers. Traditional patient monitoring devices were limited in their capabilities of monitoring the elderly, and only allowed elderly individuals to alert for help if something went wrong. However, modern medical alert systems now allow continuous monitoring through new passive technology for improved response times and quality of care. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss how OMVeritas’s cutting-edge senior monitoring system provides users with minute-by-minute updates to offer peace of mind and the highest level of monitored care possible for your satisfaction.

If your loved one would like to experience an unmatched level of care while remaining independent in their daily life, contact OMVeritas today. We’ve helped families and senior communities all over the country improve their quality of care for senior citizens so that they may continue to live a normal life without requiring in-house assistance. Read more below to see why OMVeritas’s senior monitoring system is right for you.

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Continuous Notifications

One of the most useful features OMVeritas’s elderly monitoring system provides users is continuous push notifications which are sent to both phones and tablets. Users can easily monitor response times, fall alerts, number of falls, and so much more with our conveniently aggregated patient data. OMVeritas’s instantaneous alerts make monitoring senior citizens easy and stress free.

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Sensors for Senior Fall Detection

While traditional senior fall detection technology provided just a mere button that could be pressed if something were to go wrong, OMVeritas’s senior monitoring systems integrate the latest in passive sensor technology to alert users of the slightest discrepancies. With OMVeritas’s state-of-the-art monitoring sensors, users will be alerted when windows are opened, lights are turned on and off, and temperatures are changed. Thanks to OMVeritas’s automated senior fall detection, users can also monitor every slip or fall to ensure the utmost in safety for elderly patients or family members.

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Community Notifications

One of OMVeritas’s many unique features is its ability to connect your loved one’s neighbors and physicians to OMVeritas’s senior monitoring system. With your permission, doctors and neighbors can also receive fall alerts straight to their phone so that your elderly family member receives a quick emergency response and the quality of care they deserve. This feature is especially useful if you plan on traveling and can’t be there for your loved one. With OMVeritas, you can rest assured that your family member will receive prompt and responsive care while you are away.

If you are considering using senior monitoring software for elderly patients or family members, view all that OMVeritas’s monitoring system has to offer. It has never been easier to monitor the wellbeing of elderly individuals, and with OMVeritas, we provide all the relevant info you will need to ensure that your loved one has a team of highly trained individuals to respond in a timely manner to any emergencies that may arise. Visit our website to learn more or to purchase your OMVeritas system today.

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