Startup Chapter 3 – Zanthion In The Future


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Of course, we cannot predict the future.  What we can do is tell you how Zanthion is making a better future, and why.  Before that, it is very important to understand that we here at Zanthion believe that how you treat your old and your young are the key indicators of the quality of life in your society.  In our opinion, the quality of life in American society is dismal and reprehensible. It is not that people don’t work hard or have good intentions, it is that they have been misled by advertising, in all forms, to believe that what is important to them makes for a better world.  Just as the magicians selling snake oil did hundreds of years ago, governments and businesses have done today, distracting us all, while taking our money for entertainment. An illusionist and magician live and die on focusing your attention on the moment and making you ignore the process that is your claim to a better future.

The quality of our lives and the lives of those around us does not depend on entertaining ourselves but on how we treat ourselves and those around us.  We must arm for war but be generous of spirit. We must live in the here and now, but plan for the future. Most of all, we must show appreciation and thanks to those who have given, and those who will sustain, our old and our young.  Zanthion was formed to create a better future by integrating seniors back into our economy and our lives. We believe that seniors bring with them perspective, the quality that knocks the edges off short term thinking societies and polishes the gem of existence for a fruitful future.  This quality can be easily seen in any society that practices filial piety where age and wisdom are respected for what they are, the long term investment of themselves to better the future for all.

In western cultures, accomplishment and success are often equated with money and power.  This is the natural consequence of capitalism and is not necessarily a bad thing. It does come with unintended consequences.  Some of those consequences could not have been foreseen or even if they were foreseen were not avoided. In America, vast swaths of our country have zoning laws that isolate our seniors by placing stores and convenience a fair distance from where our seniors live.  As we age our eyesight diminishes and we eventually lose our ability to drive safely isolating us even with access to crowdsourced transportation services. There is an unintended consequence that comes with a lack of social meeting places and the increased level of difficulty in getting to public places.  The unintended consequences are lack of participation, lack of familiarity, loss of comfort, loneliness, and sometimes abject fear on the part of seniors.

With the advent of social policy changes in the 60s distribution of income from the young to the old shifted to the distribution of income from the young to the old and the troubled.  This realignment of income distribution in conjunction with two working adults per household, the father and the mother, left less money in the coffers for distribution to the old and isolated seniors through the lack of companionship that was available before World War II.  It is, in fact, the perfect storm because not only are seniors isolated, medical science has increased their longevity while diminishing their capabilities with fewer resources available to serve them. Without change, seniors will starve in their homes in the thousands in the years to come.

Of course, seniors will not die of starvation in their homes because companies like Zanthion will deliver just in time services to them.  We have a prioritized list of the current and future needs of seniors aging at home and in care facilities. Our list is all-inclusive taking into account demographic shifts in workers and seniors and includes the impact of science that is extending senior’s lives and augmenting senior capabilities.

Zanthion is an open architected platform as a service designed to measure, predict, and deliver the highest quality, lowest cost service to the people who deserve it the most, seniors. We source sensors of all kinds; motion sensors, light sensors, open sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, gas sensors, smoke sensors, bed exit sensors, heart rate sensors, oxygen sensors, and a future of joint and protein sensors that determine a person’s internal and environmental health.  

We can provide data to support if a senior may have an infection, is lost or wandering, has cognitive issues, is sleeping well, is frustrated, is lonely, or needs help. We notify the people and services best suited to help resolve whatever needs seniors may have, whether it be family and friends, medical services, or community members willing to work for or assist in helping them with a shower or delivering groceries.

That is not the full extent of what we do. We have sophisticated analytics that look at communities as a whole and measure their performance against each other in terms of response times, arrival times and resolution times. Every answered or automated request can have a comprehensive assessment associated with the event that correlates conditions with the cause. We know the power of the human in the AI confirmation and use human brilliance to confirm and defy expectations.

Zanthion is the future!