A five-part series on how OMVeritas enhanced the lives of our residents by improving their Safety, Mental health, Activity, Rest and Togetherness.

Michael Gestetner


Hillside Haven Retirement Residence

Of all the many people that inquire about, tour and move into Hillside Haven, most have one major concern – safety. The concerned party can be the senior themselves, loved ones, a health care provider or most commonly a combination of them. The concern usually stems from the fact that with age comes an increase in medical issues.

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 90% of seniors in a 30-day period have been on at least one prescription drug to treat a medical issue, more than 65% on three or more. Along with increased medical issues, seniors are also much more susceptible to sudden medical events that require immediate action. These events can be caused by illness or disease, but ironically are often caused by adverse reactions or side effects to their medications.

At Hillside Haven, safety is the number one concern. Residents and their loved ones rest assured knowing that full time professional staff are always on hand to ensure their safety and respond immediately to emergencies. With OMVeritas, Hillside Haven staff members get immediate and automatic notification of emergencies delivered directly to them, shaving precious minutes off their response time which can be all the difference. Studies show that the quicker the response, the greater the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

The OMVeritas system also has two unique tracking features. It can track residents’ daily activity levels and staff response times. Tracking daily activity gives staff a unique insight that can help them proactively respond to health issues that are hinted to in sudden declines or changes in activity. Tracking staff response times assures residents and their loved ones that in an emergency, help will be provided immediately.  

Three ways OMVeritas allows Hillside Haven Retirement Residence to ensure resident safety:

  1. OMVeritas alerts staff to falls and other emergencies that occur in and around the building.
  2. Staff response time tracking ensures that staff are always lightning quick in their responses. Quicker responses mean better outcomes.
  3. Resident activity tracking provides added insight into potential health issues, allowing staff to pick up and respond to problems early.

Hillside Haven is proud to be a SMART community.