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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the Zanthion Consultants career path. Below are the different levels along the career path. To move up the career path you simply need to share this business opportunity with more people. In essence all you need to do to be promoted is to offer people your position! The beauty of this business is the ability each consultant has to enrich the lives of other people while becoming successful in their own business in the process!

Independent Consultant

Independent Consultants all start their business at the same level by simply purchasing a $200 starter kit. The kit includes over $900 worth of products and business supplies. Promoting yourself to the next level on the career path means that you simply share the business opportunity with the seniors and people you've shown the product. As people join your team and start their own successful businesses you promote yourself up the career path. To take your next step up the career path to blue suit a consultant must have 3 or more active consultants on their team!

Senior Consultants have at least 1 consultant

1-2 active consultants on your team

Blue Suit Consultant

Blue Suit Consultant

The Blue Suit position is considered middle management in Zanthion. The top 6% of all Independent Consultants have earned this position. To earn your blue suit a consultant must have 3 or more active consultants on their team! Blue Suits are seen as leaders in the making and are often given added responsibilities at events. Most Blue Suits have grown in their business experience and will start to take over some of the training responsibilities for their new team members. There are also other levels within the Blue Suit status.

Star Team Builder=3 consultants

Team Leader=5 consultants

Future Director=8 consultants

3-9 active consultants on your team

Sales Director

Independant Sales Director

The Director position is considered a leadership position in Zanthion. The top 2% of all Independent Consultants have earned this position. To earn your Director's suit you need to complete the Director in Qualification (DIQ) process! Directors are responsible for growing leaders in their unit and providing training/support to the consultants in their business. Most consultants see over a 300% increase in their personal income when stepping into the position of Director. There are also other levels within the Director status.

Senior Director= 1-2 Directors

Future Executive Director= 3-4 Directors

Executive Director=5+ Directors

Elite Executive= 8+ Directors

24+ active consultants in your unit

Making between $5,000-$25,000 monthly

National Sales Director

National Sales Director

The National Sales Director position is considered the opitomy of success in Zanthion. National Sales Directors are leaders of leaders and have grown their area to include at least 20 Sales Directors!
Directors are responsible for helping successful consultants move into the Directorship position along with mentoring Directors to also grow their own National Sales Areas.

20+ Directors in your Area

Making between $25,000-$150,000 monthly

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