Values to thrive by – transforming complex human issues into simple common sense

Be impeccable with your word

Humans are born with the power of creation, and we are constantly creating stories with the words that we learned. We create the story of our own lives, the story of our families, the story of our communities, the story of our country, the story of our humanity, and the story of our world. You are programmed to deliver a message, and the creation of that message is your greatest art. The message? Your life. Thus, never use the power of your word against yourself. Never betray yourself with your word.

Don’t take anything personally

Everything you perceive is a reflection of what is real, just like looking in a mirror is a reflection of your real self. A reflection of truth is always going to be distorted by the knowledge we have stored in our memory. You are. If you don’t like who you are, change your story. Remember, your story is unique to you because you are the main character in your story. You are a minor character in other people’s stories, so their perceptions of your reflection are different than yours. Thus, you cannot take their perceptions personally.

Don’t make assumptions

Humans create the lies and then the lies control the humans. Sooner or later the truth arrives, and lies cannot live in the presence of truth. Making assumptions is just looking for trouble because they are not the truth. Making assumptions and then believing them is the beginning of hell. Almost all conflicts are based on assumptions. Making assumptions is just looking for drama when there is no drama happening. Humans have a need to explain and justify everything. We have a need for knowledge. When we don’t know, we make assumptions. We don’t care if the assumptions are true or not. Truth or fiction we believe 100 percent in what we believe, and we go on believing it because it makes us feel safe. Thus, it is always better to ask and be clear than to make assumptions. When we don’t make assumptions, we can focus on the truth, not what we think is the truth.

Always do your best

Change is the result of action, it is the result of practice. Practice makes the master. Everything you’ve learned, you’ve learned through repetition and practice. This agreement allows the other three to become ingrained habits.