Crowdsourced Care

We all know that we are healthier and happier with friends and purpose. Helping those around you look good and stay protected is incredibly satisfying. Tell others about Zanthion and sign up to help each other out.

The cost of emergency vehicle transport is $165 a mile and recently cities and counties have started to bill users of 911 for any visit to their home. The average bill throughout the United States is $1,100. More importantly, there is a tremendous inconvenience to our seniors if they are taken to the hospital in order to make sure they are alright. Crowdsourcing care of our elderly monitoring system brings family, neighbors, and friends living near the seniors, and if desired emergency help, to the seniors who have asked for help or whose AI has detected a potentially disastrous event such as a fall or lack of movement.


The crowdsourcing process, enlisting the help of neighbors and friends, is controlled by the administer of the account.  All accounts with access to notifications for a specific individual must have secure qualified login into Zanthion and be approved by the administrator of the account. Family, neighbors, and friends can request access to help a senior. Family, neighbors, and friends can be registered and requested to help or sent a request for them to register to help. The process is:

  1. Register
  2. Request Notification
  3. Administrator accepts request

request to be a caregiver

Anyone can request to be a caregiver of a neighbor. They simply have to:

  1. Register with Zanthion
  2. Request Access
  3. Enter the first or last name of the senior
  4. Be accepted by the administrator

register and request a caregiver

As an administrator you can register someone you would like to help a senior; a family member, a neighbor, or a friend. The registered person will get an email asking if they would like to help and will automatically be accepted if they reply yes to the request.

real-time monitoring

Registered caregivers of a senior can download the Zanthion Mobile Client for free and will be notified of the senior’s status they are registered with. If they have requested notification using email or SMS they will be notified if a responder includes them in a conversation.