Crowdsourced Notification

How to Optimize Elderly Relationships and Emergency Response

Zanthion believes that the most important moments in senior lives are first touch moments during times of duress.  We believe this specifically because there exists a close association between the physical and cognitive abilities of the elderly population and their familiarity with a particular environment. A more common condition underlying familiarity and the elderly is Mild Cognitive Impairment, which is a precursor of dementia (Werner, Heinik, & Kitai, 2013). We can fortify the functional and cognitive ability of older adults by providing personalized familiarity. 

This is the main reason that Zanthion employees a crowdsourced notification and resolution mechanism.  Although emergency services can be notified with our system, we believe that the first opportunity for interaction with seniors in need should go to family, friends, neighbors and trusted medical personnel with close ties to the seniors.  There is significant evidence indicating that eye contact and physical touch from familiar people in a senior's life significantly reduces distress, a major cause of negative physical feedback loops often times resulting in dementia and a physically impaired state.

A significant benefit of crowdsourced tiered resolution is the increased desire of a senior to wear automated fall protection sensors and utilize push button help systems.  Many seniors do not wear their sensors or push their help buttons because they do not want city and county services provisioning ambulances to their residence without just cause.  The result of their trepidation is often times a failure of response in the required time for effective remediation.