Environmental Sensors & Notification

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A “Smart Home” for seniors is more than turning on and off lights and keeping the costs down on thermostat control. A Zanthion SMART Living Home or SMART Communities Assisted Living community is designed to enhance the life of the elderly and keep them healthy, safe, and secure. To accomplish that sensors must work in concert so that room temperature and an open window are associated. Motion sensors in showers are non-obtrusive but in order to indicate a fall the shower motion sensor must work with the room motion sensor. This is where Zanthion shines, integrated sensor technology.

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Bed Exit Alarm

The Zanthion bed exit alarm is attached anywhere on the bed frame or headboard with a velcro strip and is individually tailored providing the unobtrusive freedom seniors might need when waking in the middle of the night. With our bed exit alarm seniors can leave their bed for whatever timeframe has been specified. Monitoring hours are set between intervals so that those seniors who are late to bed need not worry. If a senior being monitored does not get back in bed within the specified timeframe a notification will be sent to their caregivers. The Zanthion Bed Exit Alarm stands out from all other bed exit alarms because it works in concert with our automatic fall detection, motion sensors, open/close door sensors, geo-fencing, and GPS to paint a picture of not only what and when, but where and why.

Motion Sensors

The Zanthion Motion Sensor is associated with a specific location allowing us to create alarms based on relative activity. If residents enter the bathroom without wearing a help button, take a shower, and fall or have a problem the Zanthion Platform will notify caregivers of a potential problem.  This same mechanism can be used in concert with our open/close door sensor and notify caregivers that a person has not returned to their room at night.

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Open/Close Window and Door Sensors

Our Open/Close Window and Door Sensors can be installed on any window or door and work in concert with all our other sensors including those worn on the senior. Open/close sensors are battery operated and indicate when the batteries need to be replaced on our mobile application and dashboard.

Temperature and Refrigerator Sensor

The Zanthion Temperature Sensor is a BLE sensor for notifying caregivers of temperatures that are out of the norm. Typically our sensors are placed in rooms, refrigerators and other environments with notifications set to the environments requirement. For a refrigerator that requirement might be 40 degrees. A temperature over that limit would notify the Zanthion Mobile Application and Dashboard that the refrigerator in question had an issue; unplugged, door open, or broken.

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