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OMVeritas stands apart from all other life care products because we integrate the world’s finest wearable sensors such as watches and body temperature sensors with environmental sensors protecting your health inside and outside the home.

SMART Application

Collects data from onboard and surrounding sensors, analyzes the data, and send alerts


Beautiful watch with onboard sensors, listens for other sensors, analyzes, and alerts

Any Bluetooth Device

Ambient sensors such as oxygen, ecg, motion, water, body temperature

Wall Motion Detector

SMART Caregiver

Android and iOS Caregiver application showing status of everything and records responses

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Indoor Fall Detection

Ambient Sensors

OMVeritas SMART sensors not only protect your home from intrusion but also measure your daily activities and patterns.  Certain patterns like no movement after a long period of time indicate a potential problem such as a fall.  Other events that might indicate a fall are entry into a bathroom and never exiting, and getting out of bed at night and never coming back.

Indoor & Outdoor Fall Detection

Wearables like Watches

The OMVeritas SMART Watch will send alerts to the wearer’s network when there is a fall event  inside and outside of your home.  Our proprietary algorithm limits false alarms but they will and do occur.  When they do loved ones can call your watch directly and it will auto answer making the confirmation of a fall easy and immediate.

At Home & Away From Home

Ambient Sensors

SMART sensors know when you are home or away and can be set to alarm at night or when you leave your home with the simple press of an image on the tablet at the doorway or on your smartphone.  All motion and open/close sensors can be set for what time of day they are active and for how long they should wait before sending an alert.



It’s easy to forget what you went to the store for or even what block you are on.  They all look the same and sometimes we need help finding our way home.  OMVeritas makes it easy to know when a loved one is gone too long and might need some assistance by sending an alert to their network of care.  With two way calling, auto answer,  and precise GPS location services there is no trouble in calling to see if someone needs help and finding them without a problem.  Like all our services wandering can be set for time of day it is active, set when you are leaving the home or on the go, and set for how long someone can be gone before you worry.

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Abnormal Heart Rate


Our heart rate monitoring notifies your network of care when your heart rate is way outside bounds of normal operating behavior and can be set for each individual.  Heart rate monitoring can be set to monitor at intervals during the day or requested on demand.

Sick & Temperature

SMART Body Temperature

Our body temperature sensors are medical grade, worn under the armpit, last 5 days on a single charge, are comfortable, are rechargeable, and take measurements every 15 seconds.  Out of bounds temperatures send alerts to your network of care.

Responding to Alarms

SMART Caregiver App, SMS, Call Center

The OMVeritas Platform has a very robust alarm response mechanism starting with family, friends, neighbors, staff, and if purchased, call center monitoring.  Every alarm can be turned on or off and when activated is sent to your network of care.  If they have chosen to use our FREE Caregiver App on iOS or Android, they will hear and see an alert on their smartphone that they can respond to.  If they have chosen not to use a smartphone they will get the alert through SMS.  After they respond the system requires that they resolve the response by arriving, validating, and assessing.  Call centers will use the call tree with prioritization and call one contact after another asking if they should send emergency vehicles.  If no contacts answer they escalate to emergency services in the area of the incident.

Sleep & Bed Exit Sensors

Bed Exit Accelerometer

Our bed exit alarms are unique, easily installed by attaching them to the corner of the mattress, and working flawlessly without loud alarms.  Our bed exit sensors look for activity in bed which not only indicates exiting the bed but also the quality of sleep.  They are one of the more important sensors we sell as they are used to indicate falls in the near future, and current falls if a person does not return to bed.

Activity & Inactivity

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors

Activity and inactivity are a key component of physical and mental health.  OMVeritas responds to not just steps but also to the motion of the body, movement from room to room, brushing your teeth, and eating.  Inactivity is determined by there being no perceptible motion in more than two minutes and is recorded continuously.  As in all OMVeritas features activity and inactivity monitoring can be set for times of day and alarms.

Bathroom Habits

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Toilet Flush, Water, Open/Close

The lack of good bathroom habits and hygiene are often precursors to health and depression issues.  They are also important for determining UTIs.  We use a whole array of sensors in the bathroom; a water sensor in the shower to know if they have showered, a humidity sensor for the same measurement, toilet flush sensors for frequency of flushes, open and close door sensors on the entry to the bathroom and the shower door to determine entry and exit and possible falls.  If users wear the watch when they are brushing their teeth this is a good indicator of oral health.

Passive monitoring when you are up at night or in the shower and don't want to wear protection

Eating Habits

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Open/Close

Of course eating habits are important.  When we are concerned for the well being of seniors we often ask, “How are you eating?”  This question is easily answered by how often the refrigerator door is opened and the repetitive motion of the hand moving from the food to the mouth.  These two indicators in proximity to each other indicates eating and how much.  The speed at which someone raises their arm uniquely determines whether they are drinking a liquid or not.  All of this information is easily available through our dashboard.

Depression & Anxiety

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Bed Exit

Key indicators of depression and anxiety are lack of appetite, lack of movement, and a failure to interact socially.  When eating habits are combined with activity levels we have a clear indicator of depression and can send alerts to the network of care.

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Social Interaction

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Open/Close, Toilet Flush

We measure social interaction by the frequency of usage of doors, motion inside the domicile, number of times the refrigerator door is opened, and frequency of bathroom use.  We also note the number of times a person exits the building, gets calls on their watch, and travels around outside. Because we baseline all activities, it is easy to see an increase in usage of the place of residence, or for that matter, a lack of increase in usage. The lack of increase in usage and lack of exiting the home can be used to set alarms and notify the network of care.

Assisted Living
Outside Activity

SMART Watch, Open/Close

Outside activity is determined by front door exits and coordinate changes on their watch. We can tell the amount of time gone from the home and number of places where there were stops. This data determines the amount of activity outside the home.  Like all aspects of the OMVeritas Platform these setting can be adjusted as to when an alarm should be sent.

aging in place
Predicting Falls

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Open/Close, Bed Exit

The leading indicator for determining an impending fall is a dramatic change in bed exits at night.  In addition to this indicator we also use inactivity as a key method of calculating the probability of an impending fall. Predictive fall events can be turned on and notify the network of care. By predicting falls early and alerting loved ones and staff most falls can be averted with social interaction and/or determining the cause of sleep issues.

Predicting UTIs

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Open/Close, Toilet Flush

Sepsis is in the top three for leading causes of death in the United States and is often brought on by urinary tract infections that have gone untreated. Infections go untreated often times because seniors are unaware they have them.  OMVeritas AI uses predictive analytics to understand bathroom habits and use that data to predict urinary tract infections.  When we believe there is one we notify the network of care and provide an assessment that helps responders help the senior with their potential issue.

Predicting Dementia

SMART Watch, Motion Sensors, Open/Close, Bed Exit

Subtle changes in activity patterns such as opening the refrigerator door several times in a row, or backtracking looking for something repeatedly can be indicators of the onset of dementia. Everyone has good weeks and bad weeks. Because our system watches behavior 24/7 and trends data over time we can easily identify elongated periods of out of norm activity that may be an indicator of the onset of dementia.  If this feature is turned on we will notify the network of care that there might be an issue with dementia or depression.

Help & SOS

SMART Watch, SMART Stations

All Watches, Phones, Tablets, and TVs loaded with the OMVeritas Wellness Application have a Help/SOS button which when pressed immediately sends a request for help to your network of friends anywhere they are located in the world as well as a help call center if you choose that option.

Sick and Congestion

SMART Spirometer, SMART Body Temperature

For many people with chronic illness or lung damage testing lung capacity is critical for continued health. Lung capacity and changes in it are key indicators of viral infections such as COVID-19.  We help by providing SMART Spirometers which are directly connected to our alert system enabling family, friends, and physicians to be notified when there is a marked decrease in capacity.

Changes in Weight and BMI


OMVeritas scales record weight and BMI and record them for each time of use.  Alarms can be configured to alert family, friends, and physicians if there is a large change in weight over any specified period of time.

Blood Pressure

SMART Watch w/BP, SMART Blood Pressure

OMVeritas can check blood pressure using two different devices; either our SMART Watch w/BP or our SMART Blood Pressure Meter.  One is great for on the go people who don’t want to stick to a schedule and the other is for those people who need to be very accurate about measuring their blood pressure. As in all OMVeritas devices alerts can be set for measurements that are deviating from normal health.

Heartbeat Irregularities


OMVeritas uses the VivaLnk ecg to record real time electrocardiograms so that anyone who wants to monitor and alert on abnormal rhythms can do so on the go knowing that should there be a problem loved ones can send help to their location no matter where they are.