Zanthion Platform Help

Here you can find help for administrators, caregivers, and users.  Click any of the icons below to go to the help page you are looking for.

Administration Help

Administration help provides videos and documentation on how to create and manage companies that support many households and communities and documentation for households to support multiple homes and individuals.  This includes adding administrators, adding residents, adding caregivers, adding equipment, configuring heart rate monitoring, configuring fall impact, and configuring the wandering radius.

Hardware, Equipment Installation and Maintenance Help

You can find help on installing software, hardware, and maintaining equipment in this help section.

Caregiver Help

Caregiver help shows how to support residents and users and includes help on using the mobile clients, the dashboard, creating assessments, and producing reports.

User and Resident Help

Help on how to charge their wearables and answer phone and video calls.