Emergency Preparedness Requirements

Emergencies always involve unpredictable environmental conditions such as fire, smoke, mud slides, water incursion, electrical outages, any many more.  The worst case scenario must be assumed and proper processes adopted and practiced in order to exit and arrive to safety.  In all community and household emergencies the following must exist:

  • clearly marked exits
  • no obstructions between any point and the exit
  • emergency lighting of the exits and the path to them
  • easily available and well understood fire extinguishers
  • easily opened doors (lever handles) opening into non obstructed areas
  • easily accessible well documented necessary medications for several days
  • easily accessible appropriate clothing for outdoor conditions
  • emergency notification of those who can help regardless of the power supply
  • easily available and negotiable transportation away from the emergency
  • emergency entry into the home
  • readily available clearly marked medications including dosage, schedule, and interactions