Smart Living Bundles

The Zanthion Personal Health and Home Safety Bundle combines a wearable device (Zanthion SMART Watch) along with a home safety and security/automation system (Zanthion SMART Living at Home Technology).

Zanthion SMART Watches have automatic fall detection, activity monitoring, voice-activated call answering, customizable geofencing, GPS, heart rate monitoring, and can be located remotely using the Zanthion Mobile Application. When our SMART Watches are employed with our Zanthion SMART Living at Home Technology you will know when a loved one has left the house and will be notified if they leave a defined perimeter. We recognize that seniors want to look good and maintain their feeling of independence and dignity. For that reason, our SMART Watches are attractive, comfortable, waterproof, and multi-functional. Wandering, automatic detection of falls and help requests are sent to specific people, a centralized switchboard, or to a group of people.

Environmental Sensors     

Zanthion provides environmental sensors, each with a specific function, location, and room assignment so that seniors with their wearables and their environmental sensors work together to provide health, safety, and security.

  • Real-time Environmental Awareness
  • Trend data over any time period
  • Help Call/SOS System being worn as well as in different locations throughout the home (Zanthion Android Tablet Gateways
  • A flexible dashboard of events
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Predictions on interventions needed

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