Zanthion SMART Living at Home Technology

Zanthion SMART Living Home Technology helps seniors and their family, friends, neighbors, and caregivers privately share health, safety, and lifestyle information, enabling seniors to feel safe and live longer independently at home.

Senior behavior pattern recognition
When does Mom get up in the morning, eat breakfast, or watch TV? When does she leave and come back? Within weeks, the application learns what is “normal” vs. unexpected, and sends an alert when something is wrong or irregular.

Alerts on exceptions and events
When the system identifies irregular behavior or exceptional situations, it notifies family or caregivers via an alert on their smartphone and/or through the Zanthion Mobile Client Application. The system always keeps family members informed wherever they are.

Unobtrusive and respects privacy
The system does not use cameras or require people to wear devices.

Long-term trends
The Senior Lifestyle Service also provides information about longer-term behavioral trends, such as sleep patterns, eating less frequently or starting to be less active over time.

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