3 Steps to Get Started (click on the link to see video)

  1. Create an Aging In Place Home or a Community
  2. Download and install the Zanthion Gateway on any Android Device
  3. Download and install the Zanthion Mobile Client on any Android Device

Creating an Aging In Place Home or a Community

The Zanthion SMART Senior Care Platform is a Platform as a Service which means you can create and manage your own home and community or other's homes and communities. The first step is to create an account with the Zanthion SMART Platform Management Portal. Once you have created an account you will be walked through creating a home or community which involves the following steps:

  1. Choosing to create a community or request access to someone in your community (they must validate)
  2. Deciding what type of community you wish to create. In most cases it is a home.
  3. Choosing the home type you wish to create
  4. Registering the family name. A family can have multiple homes managed.
  5. Registering yourself as the administrator of the account
  6. Name your first home location
  7. Create the Zanthion Home

When you have completed these steps you will have created an active and passive monitoring community capable of automatically monitoring health, activity, falls, wandering, and bed exits. Using just your phone you can simulate the sensors on the person and in the environment by downloading the Zanthion SMART Gateway and the Zanthion SMART Client

Completed Installation

Gateway Installation

The Zanthion SMART Gateway is at the core of the Zanthion edge based IoT senior care platform. It senses sensors registered to you in your environment, connects to them, and collects data at 22 messages per second. If that weren't enough, it processes those messages in conjunction with each other and event sensors from other vendors and builds an image of what is happening in the environment from which it creates events that notify systems and people of what needs to be done. Our gateways install on TV players, mobile phones, and watches. Mobile Gateways are installed as the user who may need assistance such as a senior in your life.

4 Steps to Installing and Registering a Gateway

  1. Download the gateway onto any Mobile Android Device
  2. Login into the gateway as the administrator created earlier
  3. Choose the type of gateway which in this case is the Mobile Gateway
  4. Selecting the application you wish the gateway to register itself for

Congratulations! You have just registered your mobile device as a gateway which means all the sensors are now active and transmitting event data to the Zanthion Messaging Server which acts as a mailbox for the Zanthion Client.

Gateway Phone

Client Installation

The Zanthion SMART Client monitors the activity of the communities and homes that you are vested in. It is the most sophisticated client for actively participating in the life of those you care about by providing immediate understanding of their status, committing to resolve issues, and communicating information that might be critical to their health.
Zanthion clients are used by responders (people who will help out when there is a need), concerned (people that want to know the status of those they are concerned about), and users (generally seniors who what to see what the status is currently for them)

3 Steps to Installing and Registering a Client

  1. Download the client onto any Mobile Android Device
  2. Login into the client as any registered user of the system. In this case the administrator.
  3. Selecting the application you wish the gateway to register itself for

Congratulations! You have just created a mobile client registered as the administrator and can see the activity of any gateway logged into this community. Our next steps are to register more users, create more gateways with them as owners, and create more clients that react to their needs.

Agnus Requests Help

Managing Your Community or Home Installation

Of course it is not enough to create a home, you must add people and sensors to make your home intelligently aware. Let's add a parent to your home so they can register a mobile client for themselves. We will also add locations for sensors in the home and people in the community that you desire to help out if there is an occasion that requires it. We will:

  1. Add a parent to the home
  2. Add a relative that wants respond to incidents when they happen
  3. Add a location for sensors to be placed in the home
  4. Add a ROSS SMART Activity Sensor


We have had tremendous advances in our level care for seniors. The next generation of senior managed SMART Communities will provide unprecedented levels of care at much lower costs utilizing IoT and AI. The best part about the future of senior living is the reintegration of seniors into our lives. Not only will IoT bring families and communities together again it will improve on communication through instant video conferencing and lower the burden for caregivers.

Embracing IoT is a market differentiator with measurable results. Adopters save money, retain loyal customers and staff and provide better service.

The Zanthion SMART Senior Care Platform does much more than what you have seen through this demonstration. Fill out the form below and find out more.

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