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SMART Wandering Bundle

SKU: SA-0004-0

Zanthion SMART Wandering Bundle for monitoring wandering, open doors, room temperature, rooms occupied, activity levels, fall detection,  location, and heart rate.

GTIN: 00850000917033


The Zanthion SMART Wandering Bundle is the recommended configuration to support a senior who potentially wanders in the home.  The system ships with our Zanthion SMART Watch and our monthly subscription service that includes as many SMART Mobile Clients as you wish to add to support your loved ones.  Adding neighbors and friends to help you manager your loved one is easily done through our management interface.  All Zanthion sensors are individually labeled with a location and controlled with data integrated in our gateway.   You will get notified if they open or close a door or wander outside a perimeter you define.


All sensors notify family, neighbors, and friends on the plan about wandering, open doors, room temperature,  rooms occupied, activity levels, fall detection,  and heart rate.

  • SMART Watch GPS, WiFi, voice answer with real time data streaming
  • SMART Gateway for indoor data collection (up to 6 devices per gateway)
  • SMART Mobile free licenses for family, neighbors, and friends
  • SMART Door and Window sensors notify all stakeholders of door and window status
  • SMART Motion notifying stakeholders of occupied rooms
  • SMART Bed Exit for monitoring sleep habits and bed exits