$39.95 / month and a $199.00 sign-up fee

Zanthion SMART Watch Package

The Zanthion SMART Watch serves as an Android mobile phone, activity tracker, automatic fall detection device, and GPS-enabled wearable device for seniors. Our watch will automatically notify registered family members, friends, neighbors, staff, or physicians of falls and wandering outside of defined boundaries. Our watch has voice-enabled answering and works wherever your cell phone service exists. The Mobile App is free to your registered stakeholders.

The configured smartwatch is provided ready-to-use. There is no need to pair it with a phone, or Wi-Fi, and the data plan is included in the service. A simple registration process offers the option to share activity data with a personal connection such as a family member or other caregiver.

The Zanthion SMART Watch Monthly Subscription Plan is $24.95/month.

GTIN: 850000917601


Zanthion SMART Watch – Keeping Seniors Independent, Healthy, Secure, and Dignified

Automatic Fall Detection – GPS Location – Activity Monitor – Heart Rate Monitoring – Mobile Phone w/Auto-Answer – SOS/Help – Wandering Protection

The Zanthion SMART Watch has automatic fall detection, activity monitoring, voice-activated call answering, geofencing, GPS, heart rate monitoring, and can be located remotely using the Zanthion Mobile Application. When our SMART Watches are employed with our open/close sensors you know when a loved one has left the house and are notified if they leave a defined perimeter. We recognize that seniors want to look good and maintain their feeling of independence and dignity. For that reason, our SMART Watches are comfortable, waterproof, and multi-functional. Wandering, automatic detection of falls and help requests are sent to specific people, a centralized switchboard, or to a group of people.

2.03 inch TFT Touch Screen 4G Smart Watch 1+16GB [IP67 Waterproof] [Supports SIM Card]

  • SMART Watch is equipped with 2.03″ HD round display giving you more freedom to operate
  • TFT touch screen with 640×590 resolution
  • Ultra-narrow metal frame for a more stylish look
  • IP67 waterproof design and larger battery capacity for longer battery life
  • MT6739 quad-core, 1.5GHz CPU, Android 7.1 operating system
  • Supports SIM card (INCLUDED)
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls

The Zanthion SMART Watch Package includes a full Android Smart Watch/Phone with 4G LTE nano SIM Card (for mobile calling without the need to pair the device to a phone), USB charger, and SMART Watch Monthly Plan.






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