SMART Gateway

The SMART Gateway is a WiFi, Cellular, BLE wireless hub for data collection.

GTIN: 8500009170040


The SMART Gateway is a WiFi, Cellular, BLE wireless overlapping data collection, data analysis, event producing, messaging hub designed for enterprise provisioning, maintenance, and configuration of a large number of fixed and moving sensors in geographically distributed environment.

Zanthion SMART Gateway:
  • FREE
  • Configured with login to the Zanthion API Server at https://api.zanthion.com
  • Create an Zanthion Community here by clicking on SIGN UP AND BE SMART
  • Configure your Android TV Player on your network
  • Download the Zanthion Gateway from the Android Play Store
  • Login using your email address and password
  • Complete configuration and real time updates of new devices and events
  • BLE connectivity to sensors within 75 feet
  • 22 messages per second data collectionRealtime analysis of sensor signals with modulated thresholding
  • Realtime analysis and distribution of community defined events