Zanthion SMART Living Senior Home Complete Bundle

$299.95 $250.00 / month and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee

Zanthion SMART Living Home Complete Bundle

Zanthion Personal Health and Home Safety Bundles combines a wearable device (Zanthion SMART Watch) with a home safety and security/automation system that passively monitors senior activity for potential health issues and provides entry and motion security (Zanthion SMART Living at Home Technology).

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Zanthion's premium personal safety and home security package for seniors Aging In Place.

The Zanthion SMART Living Senior Home Complete Bundle delivers secure living with home protection, actionable health, safety, and wellness information to family members, neighbors, friends, health care providers, and any other designated stakeholders. In addition, if Mom would fall, if Grandpa is spending more time in the bathroom, if Ethel leaves her front door open, alerts will be sent immediately to registered stakeholders. If the stakeholder is using the Zanthion SMART Client they can call Grandpa, or Ethel directly and our wearables and in home gateways will automatically answer. YOU CAN TALK TO THEM DIRECTLY, IMMEDIATELY, WITHOUT REMEMBERING NUMBERS OR DIALING.

The SMART Bundle includes wireless cellular gateways (no WiFi needed), in-home environmental sensors, GPS and cellular-based wearable monitoring devices with our user-friendly Mobile Client Application. Our senior care platform helps individuals and those involved in their care track health, activity, location information, and trends. The result enables seniors to live with dignity, more independently and safely, without compromising privacy.

Loved ones are ensured the fastest response and highest quality of emergency performance through our event-based system. The entire process from an event to the resolution is streamlined and optimized to ensure the first touch by those who care the most.

  • The 18 piece kit includes multiple high resolution base station tablets, contact sensors, temperature sensors, motion detectors, a smoke detector, and our incredible SMART Watch with auto answering, heart rate monitoring, activity monitoring, and voice calls.
  • No long-term contracts—Optional 24/7 professional monitoring just $10/month.
  • Stay in the know—Get alerts on our client with complete visibility of the status with who is responding, and how long will it be till they arrive.
  • Do it yourself—Set up the entire system in minutes without tools or professional installation.
  • Customizable for any home—Add additional sensors any time to expand coverage.
  • Voice control—Ask Google Assistance to arm and disarm the home, set wandering on, or call a relative.

Collaborative Home and Personal Security at Your Fingertips

Protect your property and your family in the home and out of the home.  Share your home and personal security with trusted neighbors, friends, and family with the Zanthion SMART Mobile and get mobile alerts when there is a water leak, the refrigerator door is left open, family members fall, someone is lost, or there is an intrusion. Set up your entire system without the need for tools or professional installation.  Every tablet, watch, and sensor shipped to you requires no setup and we are always expanding our offer with things like voice controlled door locks.

Personal & Home Security

Collaborative personal care and home security from Zanthion SMART Mobile devices.  Dignity without intrusion so that all of us can live with freedom and confidence.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

We believe in collaboration because we know your family and neighbors will get to you before professional services.  We also know that there are times when immediate professional attention is required.  That's why we provide 24/7 professional monitoring upon request.

Control from Anywhere

With the Zanthion Platform you get immediate and instant voice contact with the people we serve 24/7 in the home and out of the home.  Every information station, mobile device, and watch can alarm the home or set the home for wandering control.

The Best Deal in Senior Living

(3) SMART Communication Hubs

Our incredible Zanthion SMART Communication Hubs with their own built in SIM card, a phone number, and auto answer.  Zanthion Communication Hubs listen to sensors throughout the home and use analytics to determine if there is a problem like water on the floor of the bathroom or a refrigerator door left open.  If a loved one falls in the bathroom the bathroom hub will send an alert to all Zanthion SMART Clients.

Door Open Close Sensor

(5) SMART Open/Close Sensors

This package comes with 5 contact sensors, 3 large and 2 small, used for doors, refrigerators, and cabinets.

Wall Motion Detector

(5) SMART Motion Detectors

You get 5 Motion detectors, 3 wall or ceiling and 2 corner.  Our motion detectors can have a delay set or be set to alarm for motion or no motion.

(1) SMART Watch

The Zanthion SMART Watch comes with a prepaid  SIM card covered by the subscription fee, phone number, and auto answer.  Zanthion SMART Watches have a help button, voice command calling, activity tracking, step counts, automatic heart rate monitoring, wandering control, GPS, and automatic fall detection.

Bed Exit and Temperature Sensor

(1) SMART Toilet Flush Sensor

The Toilet Flush sensor is used to automatically detect UTI.

Refrigerator Temp Sensor

(1) SMART Refrigerator Sensor

The refrigerator temperature sensor makes sure food never spoils and causes a bacterial infection by alerting stakeholders that food might spoil.

SMART Humidity Sensor

(1) SMART Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Our SMART Temperature and Humidity Sensor is an agriculture sensor with precision humidity sensing capability.  This allows the Zanthion system to know if a person is taking a shower without invasive technology.

(1) SMART Water Detector

The Zanthion SMART Water Detector senses water and sends an alarm.  As in all technology from Zanthion a grace period can be set avoiding false alarms.

(1) SMART Smoke Detector

The Zanthion SMART Smoke Detector alarms all crowdsourced clients of smoke in a home and can be set with a grace period avoiding false alarms.

Bed Exit and Temperature Sensor

(1) SMART Bed Exit

The Zanthion SMART Bed Exit sensor notifies crowdsourced caregivers of a bed exit.  Like all Zanthion sensors an alert can be configured to wait until a grace period has been passed.  You can additionally set the times the bed exit sensor is active.