Real Time Measurement

What is Real Time Measurement and Why Does It Matter?

Real time measurement is different for every industry.  For the automotive industry and Elon Musk it is micro seconds.  For the human experience and health industry it is around 44 milliseconds or 22 reading a second.  Your first question might be, "Why so high?"  You would be right to ask this question.  The answer is that we are not only measuring the person but the person and their environment so that we can predict behavior.  For that, the interaction between the environment and the person, we need more granular data.

The Zanthion SMART Community Platform measures sensor activity at a rate of at least 22 messages per second allowing us to characterize heart beat, breathing, motion, blood pressure, and movement in real time.  Collecting this data from thousands and thousands of individuals prior to recorded incidence allows our AI to predict what will happen in the future.