HAPPINESS is in the Bag!

The $400* Zanthion® Starter Kit is more than a bag. It’s a beginning. The first step to starting your own Zanthion business is getting your very own Starter Kit, which comes in a stylish roller bag to take the strain off your back. It includes these must-haves and more:

  • Protective clothing for your fashion show.
  • Wireless pendants and environmental sensors setup and ready to go.
  • Samples to share with your potential customers.
  • Brochures and a tablet with easy-to-learn sales tips.
  • Special offers for new Independent Senior Care Consultants.

All the RIGHT Tools

A wealth of digital and print tools are available to help you keep your Zanthion business running whether on the go or in person. You will have access to:

  • Your very own Zanthion® Personal Web Site.**
  • Your new digital personal assistant, myZanthion app.
  • The Zanthion Administration® website.
  • The Zanthion® Fashion Show instructions, eCatalogs, social media tools and more.
  • Printed tools for you like fashion show guides.
  • Printed literature for your customers such as the quarterly issue of Dignity catalog and new product fliers.
  • Your own business cards, party tools and more!

Support & Encouragement

When you’re ready for some face-to-face support, you can learn best practices, be inspired and get motivation from other Independent Zanthion Consultants and Independent Sales Directors at team meetings hosted by your Independent Sales Director and at Company-sponsored events.

Product Confidence

Whether selling in person, at a party or from your Zanthion® Personal Web Site, you have the benefit of the Zanthion® Satisfaction Guarantee to help make sure your customers are always happy with their products. Read more about the Satisfaction Guarantee.

While we think you will love your new business, if for any reason you decide that this opportunity is not right for you, Zanthion will repurchase, at 90 percent of your original net cost, original and unused retail products, as long as these items were purchased by you from the Company within one year prior to return. Now that’s something to be confident about!

Quality of Life For Everyone

We all know that we are healthier and happier with friends and purpose. Helping those around you look good and stay protected is incredibly satisfying. Sign up and be a part of something great.

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