Zanthion is a company with integrity, staying power and a desire to change the world bringing the wisdom of seniors back into our culture. Click an area below to learn more about what makes Zanthion so special.


TheZanthion philosophy is simple: We will deliver on every product promise that we make. Zanthion Inc. spends 30% of their budget on R&D and Testing to ensure that every Zanthion® product meets the highest standards.

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Changing LIVES Worldwide

You’ve probably heard it called “social responsibility.” We call it doing the right thing. Zanthion is dedicated to making the world a better, happier, more beautiful place for everyone. For example, we know that integration of seniors with their community improves the lives of the children in the community.  We invite families, friends, children and neighbors to senior fashion shows.  In addition, we are promoting care and protection at prices everyone all over the world can afford.  And it’s only possible because of your help!

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Encouraging, Empowering and Enriching

We believe you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself and that’s still true for Independent Consultants. As an entrepreneur, you will have the flexibility to set your schedule and earn amazing rewards. Plus, you’ll be part of a confidence-boosting community of Independent Consultants worldwide. You’ll also have the support of your Independent Sales Director and the Company.

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All the RIGHT Tools

Zanthion Independent Consultants have tons of branded business-building tools at their fingertips. Thanks to your Zanthion® Personal Web Site you can provide amazing service to your customers both online and in person. In addition, the Zanthion website contains exclusive branded print, digital and social media tools that you can use to build your business.

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Quality of Life For Everyone

We all know that we are healthier and happier with friends and purpose. Helping those around you look good and stay protected is incredibly satisfying. Sign up and be a part of something great.

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