Safety is the cornerstone of health for an aging population and includes emotional safety, environmental safety, and personal safety.  Let Zanthion help you create a safe environment with wearable sensors and environmental equipment for senior communities and the home.


Mental/Physical Health

The number one criteria for senior mental and physical health is a sense of value and community. Zanthion promotes mental and physical health with informative talks and through the use of technology to remind, calm, and inform seniors of potential needs.


We all know that having habits of healthy activities increases our vitality and helps us stay mentally sharp and happy.  As we get older life happens, and when it does, Zanthion offers a complete range of elderly monitoring sensors that notify your trusted community that you might need some help getting stronger again. We call this crowdsourcing care.


Zanthion provides thorough documentation on how to ensure a good nights sleep, the key ingredient to warding off dementia and teaches sleeping techniques during fashion shows and parties. In addition to our training Zanthion has the best bed exit alarm system in the industry.


Connectivity is the core principle of an improved senior care society. What better way to ensure togetherness than to have a party or fashion show with beautiful clothing, jewelry, and health education programs.  Zanthion is in the business of Quality of Life for Everyone.

Actionable Intelligence

Your actionable intelligence at critical points in your parent’s life makes all the difference. Zanthion enables them to be stronger for longer with better decisions, lower costs, and a higher quality of existence. The Zanthion Senior Care Platform automatically detects and predicts events in senior's lives that require intervention. Our system automatically detects walking, standing, sitting, lying down, exiting a bed, and falling. We can even tell you if your refrigerator is too warm. Zanthion lowers the impact of taking care of our loved ones, protects them from harm, intervenes to avoid catastrophic damage, offers solace until help arrives, predicts the future with crowdsourced data, and connects seniors to the world and their community.