smart watch with sim


$99 hardware
$19.99per month
  • help / SOS
  • automatic fall
  • heart rate monitoring
  • activity monitoring
  • step detection
  • location services to the wearer
  • wandering detection and notification
  • auto answer
  • voice activation

Essentials Bundle

$499.99 hardware
$29.99per month
  • smart watch package +
  • in home passive monitoring
  • entrance and exit security
  • voice controlled base station
  • detection and prevention
  • two-way calls directly to home
We'll be there one no one else can be...

Sensors we support

android watches

window & door sensor

motion detector

smoke detector

smart bed alarm

temperature & humidity

water leak detector

uti & habit detector

why zanthion?


Safe, secure and stylish wearables with SOS and automatic fall detection

Home protection

Home protection with crowdsourced and call center notification and support


Zanthion goes beyond notification of acute incidents and enables proactive prevention of incidents through predictive analytics

Keep in touch

Highly reliable two way communication from stakeholder to person or location of incident

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