The Zanthion SMART Watch is a high resolution wearable device for health, safety and security. Our wearable devices deliver 22 messages a second about walking, sitting, standing, and heart rate. Zanthion's SMART Watch is a cellular-connected Android Mobile Smartwatch Phone that provides information inside and outside of the senior living community. Anywhere.

Automatic Fall Detection

Zanthion uses real-time information and predictive analytics to determine automatic event recognition and notification.  Automatic fall detection is a core functionality of our system.

Real-time Monitoring

The Zanthion SMART Communities System is a high resolution monitoring system for residents of any senior group living community. Zanthion's Mobile Caregiver App and Desktop Dashboard Portal shows every resident's current status including whether or not they are wearing their monitor and current battery level.

Environmental/Passive Sensors

Zanthion provides environmental sensors, each with a location, room assignment, and person assignment so that residents, their wearables, and their environmental sensors work together.

Bed Exit Sensors

Our bed exit sensors allow caregivers to remotely determine whether a resident is in bed, how often they get up, and what time a resident typically arises in the morning. Each alarm can be individually tailored so that residents can leave their beds without an alarm for different periods of time. Nightly bed checks for staff become quicker and more efficient, allowing caregivers to be more productive and effective.

Event Assessment

Every help call and event that is responded to can have an optional assessment associated to it walking staff through the identification and assessment of the residents situation.

Stakeholder Actions

Collaborative and Coordinated care stakeholder notification and commitment to action is an integral part of the Zanthion Platform. Easily communicate your intent or find out the status with our mobile application.

Awareness Dashboard

Senior operators, regional directors, executive directors, nursing directors and care staff have access to a real-time dashboard of activity, health and safety with aggregated performance and alarms on the seniors and responders.

Asset Management

Complete asset management and provisioning of communities, devices, people, locations, and events.

HELP Call and Emergency Response Performance Analysis

The Zanthion Community Monitoring System makes the difference between a minor incident and a fatal one. Zanthion helps you keep community members stronger for longer with better decisions, lower costs, and a higher quality of existence. Zanthion lowers the impact of taking care of community members, protects them from harm, intervenes to avoid catastrophic damage, offers solace until help arrives, predicts the future with crowdsourced data, and connects your community to the world and their family.

Connecting To Their Community

We connect seniors in communities to an array of outside connections. Our Independent Consultants put on events to ensure that seniors in your community feel valued and have a sense of participation in their community. Our unique technology connects seniors to their community through calendar events and community interaction. Our tiered approach to messaging allows seniors to connect at different levels whether it be emergency notification of staff or bringing a child in to read.

Corporate Awareness of All Communities

Corporate intelligence at critical points in your company’s growth is critical for financial sustainability. Zanthion helps you assess the health of all your communities in a single dashboard with real-time aggregated moving averages on the condition of the residents, the staff, and the resolution cycle.

Resident And Staff Awareness

With our elderly monitoring system and nurse call system, you and your staff can constantly be aware of what is going on with your residents. With the data from our medical monitoring devices, you can assess the overall health of your communities on a single dashboard.

Instant Notification

Your communities are ensured the fastest response and highest quality of staff and emergency performance through our medical alert system with fall detection. The entire process from an event to the resolution is streamlined and optimized to ensure compliance and produce results.

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