SMART Staging

Zanthion’s job is to make you shine through reliable, available, maintainable services with a high level of quality control at a lower cost of service provisioning. We can supply low priced highly efficient PaaS, Platform Customization, and Branding so that you can focus on your core business.

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Increase Revenue from your existing customer base

Support for Existing GPRS and BLE Devices

Your years of investment in customers and existing infrastructure are supported by Zanthion Staging extending your investment and your future functionality for years to come. You don't have to start all over. Zanthion can easily integrate your GPRS Security or senior care platform into our PaaS providing the latest in sensors and client technology.

Your Existing GPRS System Integrated with New Extensible Usability

Let's face it, you have to stay invested in the system that keeps on paying you monthly subscriptions yet you are worried that your technology is being eclipsed by new products and services. With SMART Staging you can extend your current technology and leverage new sales by providing senior care services that integrate with your existing GPRS home security system.

Mobile Client Support for all Devices with Response and Assessment

If you have struggled with the difficulty of adding mobile client support to your platform, you are not the only one. Zanthion SMART Staging provides a robust solution to your need by integrating your GPRS or old technology with new message based technology seamlessly supported by our mobile client products.

Provisioning, Maintenance, Support for Our Devices and Yours

Provisioning and maintaining a fleet of sensors in thousands of households and communities is difficult. Customer satisfaction requires you to know when a sensor is no longer working and be able to troubleshoot your installations remotely. With SMART Staging you can update your system remotely and support it operationally form a support center. You will no longer need to send an expensive technician on site to diagnose the problem.