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SMART Living

The Most Comprehensive Health, Safety, and Security Monitoring Platform

Zanthion SMART Living continuously monitors you, your Mom, your Dad, your Grandparents, or Loved Ones anywhere in the world, notifying whoever you choose including friends, neighbors, and healthcare providers, of any situation that requires intervention like falls, not returning to bed, wandering, or heart rate conditions.

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We'll be there when no one else can be

SMART Living

Zanthion’s Senior Care Platform for Aging in Place provides a non-obtrusive way to alert or notify family members, friends, neighbors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals when it detects a possible situation that requires intervention. Loved ones are ensured the fastest response and highest quality of emergency performance through our event alert system. The entire process from an event to the resolution is streamlined and optimized to ensure first touch by those who care the most.

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Automatic Fall Detection

Zanthion detects falls based on prior motion/activity, the fall event, and your activity level immediately after the fall. If significant activity is not detected after the event, the system AUTOMATICALLY recognize that you need more help and sends a critical fall alert to your registered family members, friends, caregivers, and health care providers. If nobody responds to the notification we escalate the event to a call center.

Fall detection inside the home

With Zanthion you are protected inside your home when you fall whether you are wearing a watch or not.  Our sensors understand your activity and when you enter the bathroom and don't come out we trigger an alarm.

Fall detection outside the home

Zanthion separates itself from our competitors by integrating wearables and ambient sensors seamlessly.  This means that when you leave your home and fall or need help while you are out your loved ones can call you, find you, and help you immediately.

Real Time Status Notifications

The Zanthion SMART Living System is a high resolution monitoring system for seniors in their homes and while they are out and about. Zanthion’s Mobile Caregiver App shows your loved one’s current status, location, and condition including whether or not they are wearing their monitor and current battery level.

Find out how
Zanthion Mobile Client

We know that the future is based upon the real-time measurement of individual and community health with in body, on body, and ambient sensors collecting, analyzing, and predicting the health and welfare of individuals, communities, and the world.

— Philip Regenie, Executive Officer

Peace of Mind

SMART Living combines wireless cellular gateways (no WiFi needed), in-home environmental sensors, GPS and cellular-based wearable monitoring devices with our user-friendly Mobile Client App, helping individuals and those involved in their care track health, activity, location information and trends. The result, seniors living more independently, healthier, safer, and more secure, without compromising privacy.


Zanthion Predictive Care looks at your activities of daily living over time.  When your sleep or bathroom habits change these are often indicators of a potentially dangerous event such as a fall or a UTI.

Immediate Response

Life happens and we are there for you when no one else can be, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  Our system never sleeps and makes sure if an accident does occur, anywhere, someone will be there to help you out.

Passive/Ambient Sensors

Zanthion SMART Watches and SMART Living Platform look for changes in activity, behavior, and biometric measurements, over time, with automatic notification to caregivers for critical events and significant changes via the Zanthion Caregiver Mobile App, now on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Bed Exit Alarms

Our bed exit sensors allow caregivers to remotely determine whether your loved one is in bed, how often they get up, and what time he or she typically arises in the morning. Each alarm can be individually tailored so that seniors can leave their beds without an alarm for different periods of time.

Event Assessment
Every help call and event that is responded to can have an optional assessment associated to it walking staff through the identification and assessment of the residents situation.

Stakeholder Actions
Crowdsourced stakeholder notification and commitment to action is an integral part of the Zanthion Platform. Easily communicate your intent or find out the status with our mobile application.

COVID-19: The Silver Lining

Imagine, if you will, a cycle of country sequestration where every six to nine months children are asked to stay home from school, businesses are required to shut their doors, and our medical community cries for inadequate funding. Imagine a country where electricity is shut off because of the potential of fires. Imagine a country where homes are repossessed by banks who have extended credit to buyers prior to pandemics and our streets are filled with the unemployed, not the homeless, the hard-working Americans who built our country. We are Americans who sailed across an ocean risking scurvy, starvation, and depredation to create a new nation based on the principles of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have fought wars against tyranny, in favor of liberty for all, and defended the freedom of people around the world so that they too could enjoy the fruits of their labors.

COVID-19 is an exclamation point at the end of a long sentence that describes the relinquishment of individual liberty in order to attain security from a central authority. Disasters will come and go. They will be fought on the fields of war, in the domains of science, in outer space, in our kitchens, in our stores, and on the political battlefield. The biggest disaster in our lifetime is being fought not outside ourselves but in our hearts. What our forefathers had, that we still have but have forgotten, is faith in themselves and those they surrounded themselves with. In our case, we must surround ourselves with fellow countrymen who believe that they are capable, that their neighbor is just, and that together they can forge a better future for themselves and their children.

We are the hardest working, most caring people in the world. We do not shirk responsibility or claim that our welfare is the domain of someone else. We build highways, and dams, and riverways, and cities with clean water for all. We educate our children, offer kindness to strangers, and serve our families and friends. Some of us will always die, and generally, it is the old and weak. It is a sadness that we cannot conquer but we can usher in death with dignity and kindness. We cannot afford to prolong life for 3 months at the expense of all those who have worked so hard to create a future for their children and their neighbors. We cannot afford to shut down our country to avoid the pain and sorrow of loss. Rather, we must do all those everyday rituals that preserve life and dignity for all. We must:

  1. Be thankful for our freedom
  2. Preserve it with responsibility
  3. Trust our neighbors
  4. Wash our hands
  5. Cough into our elbows
  6. Clean our homes
  7. Respect personal space
  8. Stay home when we are sick
  9. Buy things from the people we know
  10. Accept help from those we know
  11. Help those we can
  12. Solve the problems today not the problems tomorrow
  13. Learn and build and love life so that others can too

COVID-19 has taught us that when we spend our time on a future that may never happen such as saving the world from global warming we are foregoing the present dangers that are imminent. Pandemics are not thwarted by centralized government actions but by the common sense of the people that make up a country. We avoid disasters now by understanding where the real risks are and by encouraging individual responsibility while affording others the respect of their opinions and capabilities. COVID-19 is our wake up call. We can turn our lives over to an authoritarian regime that dictates our behavior and sequesters us every 6 months or we can focus on being responsible for ourselves and our neighbors by working hard and believing that we as a nation do not have to be beholden to insurance companies for payments, medical establishments for resources, pharmacies for drugs, food suppliers for health, banks for money, the legal system for justice, and government for local security. We can pass laws that allow companies without medical degrees to provide IVs and address in-home care. We can provide accurate and effective diagnoses through remote monitoringsmart remote patient monitoring and AI without a doctor’s prescription or a high price tag. We can create industries that make our own drugs without billion-dollar price tags enforced by the FDA rules and regulations. We can build clean, working, effective cities without massive redistribution from central authorities. We the people can choose to live a life that is awarded us by the principles by which this country was founded; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The best of life to all of you. May your life be filled with joy and dignity.


COVID-19: A Case for Remote Health Monitoring

COVID-19 is a virus that has a slightly higher rate of communicability than influenza which scientists refer to as R0 (verbalized as r naught) and an estimated mortality rate of less than .7% (the percentage of people that die from the disease).  Compared to influenza with a mortality rate of 1.2% COVID-19 is significantly less lethal. What the death rate does not represent is that the majority of those dying already have coborbidity which is the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions in a person.  Chronic means a person always has the disease and in many of the people that have COVID-19 their existing diseases are fatal as well.

Right now, death rate estimates vary per country. The best estimates for South Korea put COVID-19's fatality rate at 0.6%, and a recent study released on the death the rate in China -- but outside hard-hit Wuhan -- hovered just above that, at 0.7%.  - ABC News

Of course, if you are already unhealthy, why take the chance of getting a disease that might kill you?  How, in fact, do we as a culture ensure that each and everyone of us lives a life of dignity and feels secure in the fact that no matter how frail we are, we are protected from harm as much as possible?

It is very unlikely that if you were sitting alone in a field of flowers with no other humans around for miles you would be infected by a human virus from somebody else.  Our proximity to others is the single greatest danger in communicable diseases. On the other hand, we are a social species that requires human interaction to feel valued and be happy.  So how do we balance these two needs when we are frail and wish to live a life with dignity? This is the issue being dealt with by the world today and frankly, not very well.

Why would I say we have not done very well dealing with COVID-19 as a global community?  I say this because Banglador is not the same as Wuhan, which is not the same as Seattle. Applying the same techniques to San Francisco as were applied to Wuhan China is not a reasonable perspective in viral control.  You might ask, “Why not?” Simply because social, economic, and infrastructure conditions are not the same. Things like clean water availability, soap availability, food service requirements, hand washing requirements, transportation methodologies, and on and on.  The fact is, reacting world wide by attempting to flatten the curve in the fear that our medical infrastructure MIGHT not be able to handle the demand on their services is a woefully inadequate way to deal with the problem.  What exactly is flattening the curve? It is the system used by epidemiologists to slow the exponential increase in the communication of a disease through isolation.

It does not make sense to cripple an economy, the same economy that requires worker to manufacture toilet paper, in order to limit the potential demand on an infrastructure.  The fact is, the message to all people in a society to stay home and not produce will exacerbate the problem because the result will be less cleaned surfaces, less access to clean water, less access to soap, and less access to toilet paper.  Flattening the curve serves a single industry at the expense of the whole. It is, in fact, a form of communism and is very unlikely to change the outcome in the United States where our infrastructure is pretty good.

So, what should we do and what should the message be?  We have done a pretty good job with the message:

Wash your hands

Don’t touch things in public environments

Don’t touch your face

Stay off public transportation

Keep your distance from people who you don’t know

Avoid people who are coughing

Maintain good air circulation

But what about the frail and people who have comorbidity?  How do we protect them? Those are great questions. For them, we need to implement special procedures.  They do need to avoid high traffic public places even in their own environment like public dining halls where others who do not see well might have forgotten to clean their hands sufficiently.  Senior communities need to be very vigilant about washing surfaces with solutions that kill viruses (ethanol based solutions):

For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective. - CDC

What if you do everything you can and you still get sick?  What if you are already sick and worry that it will turn into COVID-19.  This is where the case for remote monitoring comes in. The problem with most hospitals is that we do not have enough resources to keep all surfaces clean all the time and that the air carries particles.  Having people go to a hospital to be tested guarantees that you will spread the virus. What can we do in these situations. Fortunately for all of us, the technology is here today that helps with all of this.  Through remote monitoring things like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and lung capacity can all be checked remotely, in real time using systems like Zanthion’s SMART Platform. More importantly, real time measurements without conscience effort on the part of the senior sends alarms to caregivers instantly informing them of conditions outside the normal bounds of operation.  Let’s look at some examples.

Zanthion SMART Watch

The Zanthion SMART Watch provides 24/7 real time measurement of activity with automatic fall detection, heart rate monitoring, GPS location, and 2 way calling.  When seniors wear real time measurement devices any patterns outside the normal range of behavior such as hard impacts or extremely high heart rates will notify everyone in the care circle that there might be a problem.  Because this system compares behavior over a long period of time it knows exactly when there is a current problem with activity and heart rate.

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Zanthion SMART Home Spirometer

The Zanthion SMART Spirometer measures the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs.  COVID-19 attacks the lungs.  Having a measurement tool that automatically calculates the variation in lung capacity over time is a great way to instantly identify the onset of a more serious form of a virus before it becomes too late.  As in all our products your carecircle will be notified immediately.  This product is currently not available due to supply issues.

Zanthion SMART Home Bed Exit

The Zanthion SMART Home Bed Exit provides real time measurement of nighttime activity including how many times and at what intervals a person leaves the bed.  It also measures how much movement a person has while in bed.  These two continuous measurements are key to monitoring health.  When people become restless and their sleep is poor at night it is often times an indicator of frailty or disease.  Because Zanthion measures this activity every night we are able to notice differences in behavior that are critical and notify the care circle of a need for intervention.  This is especially true in cases where someone becomes increasingly more ill during the night and they do not want to bother anyone.

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Zanthion SMART Home Motion

The Zanthion SMART Home Motion sensor is activated every time someone enters or exits a space.  This is important because most of us have patterns of activity and a frequency with which we move about our homes.  When motion sensors are used in conjunction with a watch, or used on their own to determine entry and exit into and out of spaces we can tell if someone has fallen or might be injured or lying on floor.  In those cases our system notifies caregivers of the potential problem.

Staying away from the hospital is a critical element of health for the frail.  In cases where there are epidemics like COVID-19 modern technology allows us to remotely monitor health much more efficiently than can be done with hospital visits.  Real time measurement of vitals and activities of daily living (ADLs) is here today.


The Story of Zanthion - Startup Chapter 6 - Strategy and Going to Market

Startup Chapter 6 – Strategy and Going to Market


Powered by Zanthion

Startup Chapter 6 – Strategy and Going to Market

July 15th, 2019

In the last couple of weeks, our sensor technology has solidified so that all our sensors connect 24 x 7 and allow us to perform aggregated analysis on their combined inputs.  I am personally excited about our water sensor that sits in the shower and our toilet sensor that is used to predict UTI infections. It is amazing to see our SMART Watch lasting 18 hours on a full battery charge pushing data at 50 messages a second through our analytics.  John Hagelgans is testing his design for spinning up a set of containers for our complete system for dev, test, and on-site prod. He has included in his design our backup strategy and ability to scale. Steven Rudenko has discovered a new algorithm that methodology ensuring our BLE connections connect much faster and endure under all circumstances.  Viktor Ponomarenko has implemented three sensors in the last two weeks rounding out our sensor set with smoke, gas, water and a new temperature and humidity sensor. Viktor has fixed more than 50 bugs in the last two weeks and continues to be one of the most productive and easy to work with programmers I have enjoyed working with for 35 years. Jeff has sourced our incredible no-hassle install and produced some of the most beautiful marketing material I have ever seen.  John Sebesta has implemented our products categories throughout our financial and inventory system and procured the best startup lawyers in the country to ensure we are squeaky clean going into sales and expansion. I am incredibly proud of our team and enjoy getting up every day and working with them.

As a team, we have met several times to define our target markets and our messages in each market.  Some of Jeff’s genius showed through when he branded our product line and discussed the markets and his experience as to what community owners were looking for.  I have included his rough draft of our new Aging In Place brochure with this blog.

We have given ourselves a release date of August 1st.  What that means to us is that we will start selling a polished product that easily exceeds the capabilities of any product in the market today.  The companies we are competing with were funded by technology VCs and are owned and operated by doctors, computer professionals and experienced hotel businessmen.   The funding levels start at $20 million dollars. We are bringing our product to market on the backs of 4 years of dedicated engineers and businessmen and possibly $600k in self-funded investment.  

At heart, to a man, Zanthion is conceived and created to change the value proposition of American business.  We are in business to provide unquestionable value and prove to ourselves that businesses can respect their customers, charge fair prices, respect their partners, and treat every man and woman working with us with kindness and fairness.  We believe in each other and America and believe that we can not only be a viable business but be the business that captures the heart and hopes of America. We are doing what we do, sacrifice money that our families could use, because Americans need this. We all need to see that doing the right thing, treating people fairly, and being dedicated can produce a giant success without the smoke and mirrors we have all been duped into believing is required.

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Wish us luck in years to come.

SMART Room Box
SMART Room Box
Android Tablet Gateway
Android Tablet Gateway

The Story of Zanthion - Startup Chapter 5 - Accelerating to the Finish

Startup Chapter 5 – Accelerating to the Finish


Powered by Zanthion

Startup Chapter 5 – Accelerating to the Finish

June 26th, 2019


Our last startup blog was on June 14th, 2019.  John Hagelgans had just joined our team as the CTO and we were stoked for how much he brought to the table.  We were not wrong. In the three weeks since he has joined John has spun up a few microservers on Amazon and is using them to run backup scripts for our database, and is currently working to create containers that we can use to spin up and down dev, test, prod, and customer on location systems.  


In our last post, we talked about the story of Team. Once you have “Team” it does not suddenly quit working.  “Team” keeps on giving throughout the lifetime of your company. In our case acquiring John Hagelgans positioned us to look for a CFO and with a great fortune, we were lucky enough to land John Sebesta who brings experience as a business manager and international negotiator in a Fortune 50 company as well as startup experience both as a co-founding team member and advisor.  Working in Guatemala for Alterna Impact, John worked with entrepreneurs to develop and grow their social businesses which included developing their financial strategies, curriculum and tools to help their businesses succeed as well as providing thought leadership. 


In his first two weeks, John contacted Michael Platt of Cooley LLC, the leading startup law firm in the United State recommended to us by Brad Feld.  Our goal with Cooley is to get our corporate ducks in a row and make sure that we are 100% ready for capital acquisition. That is not all that John has done.  He has in two short weeks benefitted to the Team bringing a new extremely intelligent disciplined financial perspective. With that perspective, he is simplifying our chart of accounts to maximize our capitalization of R&D spend and to allow us to understand our business at a glance.   


Today we have $ 25,904.14.   Two weeks ago we had $35,318 in our account.  We have spent that money on test inventory so that every person in our company is running our monitoring system 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Since our last blog, we have extended the life of our incredible SMART Watches to 23 hours with full activity tracking, automatic fall detection, wandering notification, real-time heart rate monitoring every 5 minutes, auto-answer and GPS.  In this short two weeks, we have added smoke sensors, gas sensors, water sensors, a new wrist-worn activity sensor, enhanced the stability of new installations tremendously, and automated settings for how active people are, how soft their beds are, and what ours they expect to be awake and asleep.  

Since two weeks ago we have checked 8 new commits into our API bitbucket repository and updated our gateway android repository 6 times. 


In the last two weeks, we have a complete packaging system with the beginning of our kitting operation in DearSystems and a solid plan on automating the order, inventory, configuration, and installation process.  When our systems arrive at a doorstep there is no configuration required. All that is necessary is to pull the sensors out of the box and put them on the wall and wear the watch. From there on in Zanthion will carry the ball for you.


We are the BEST TEAM!

The Story of Zanthion - Startup Chapter 4 - Zanthion Team

Startup Chapter 4 – Zanthion Team


Powered by Zanthion

Jeff, our COO, and I often have conversations centered around how running a company and participating in the competition of business is the same as our experience playing sports over the years.  4 out of 5 of our executive team are or were athletes that competed over an extended period of time.

There are a lot of reasons to play sports, but for most of us who do it seriously, we are adrenalin junkies who love the ebb and flow of the game.  You learn very quickly in team sports that the synergy of the team is everything. If you want to hold the court day in and day out, regardless of individual circumstances, who you play with and how you play together is the heart of the game.  

The story of Zanthion for the last three weeks is a story of the power of “team”.  Three weeks ago on May 25th Zanthion had $42,639.10 in our bank account. Today we have $ 35,318.56.   Stepan, we call him Steven, our director of software engineering, and I have invested over 4 ½ years in developing a comprehensive open architecture flexible extensible IoT platform for elderly care.  

Three months ago Jeff Robinson joined our team as the Chief Operating Officer with over 25 years in medical device and elderly care.  Every team needs a playmaker, the guy that dribbles into the opposition, forces a double team, and dishes to the open man. Jeff is our playmaker.  From day one his efforts took Steven and my engineering to a new level by sourcing read and broadcast sensors at a fifth of the price we were paying and 10x the battery life.  In a short 3 months, he found 12-hour full android watches that auto answered callers and worked seamlessly with our platform for fall and wandering protection at a price far below industry standards for a watch of the quality he found.

Three weeks ago our team consisted of me, Jeff Robinson, Stepan Rudenko our director of software engineering, and Viktor Ponomarenko our expert mobile application developer.  Steven and I had been struggling with the resource issue we had of paying for and supporting the most functional cost effective IoT elderly care system anywhere. When Jeff joined our team he immediately recognized the bottleneck and we set out to build out our technology team so that I could spend more time developing the business and procuring capital.  We placed a job in for a CTO and constructed a strategy for gaiting any potential candidates. We knew after a lot of pain and anguish that we needed a player we could count on being there during the good times and bad times and who was willing to invest in the company practicing before expecting a payout. We engineered a sophisticated gating mechanism for their CTO hire involving logic tests, measurement of their personal investment in elderly care, measuring their proactiveness, determining their willingness to provide value first, and last and most importantly, their integrity and capability.

Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.  John exemplifies integrity and Zanthion is lucky to have gotten all three in a great leader.

Jeff and I filtered through 75 candidates in 7 weeks:

  • They took a logic test, only three out of 75 candidates got an expert rating
  • We asked them for the reason they were requesting to work with us, we wanted someone that cared about the state of the world and specifically elderly
  • We asked about technical skills, as a manager were they still coding daily
  • We asked what they expected in pay and were looking for someone that would show us what they could do before asking for money
  • Lastly, we checked into their integrity, did they say what they would do and do what they said

At the end of our 7 weeks of interviews, John Hagelgans sent in his resume after receiving an expert score on the logic test.  He had started and run startups, been programming for over 30 years, and had just exited a 65 million valuation startup as their CTO.  He was looking for something new. We loved him. He is an easy going, team player with a lot of “hit the ground running” experience. That was 3 weeks ago.  He immediately spun up some servers on Amazon and scripted backups for our databases. This last week he implemented Terraform so that we could spin up dev, test, prod and customer platforms at the push of a button.  John is awesome.

While John was spinning up Terraform and backups we were pumping out code to support broadcast sensors Jeff had sourced and a new amazing 4g Full Android Watch that Steven had increased the battery life on from 3 hours to 12.  The Zanthion Platform is 20 man years of work developed by 2 people with help on and off over time from others. It is extremely complex. We have been fast-breaking our competition for years. Every once in a while one of us trips and falls. Zanthion is competing against the biggest players in the industry; companies like Google, Amazon, SimpliSafe, and on and on.  For us to go to market with a far superior product we don’t get to take breaks or miss the fast break. We always have to perform at the top of our game. That is why it is so critical to have team players because we watch each other’s backs. We know when one of us has pushed their personal life too far or is stressed by whatever new challenge we are enduring. In those times, because we are very deep in experience, one or all of us rally, pick up the injured player and win the point.  

With the acquisition of John and our impending market introduction, our team needs to protect our investment before going to market by investing in a CFO who can align our stock offering, put our accounting in order, and develop a strategy for capital acquisition.  While I was visiting my sons in Colorado I ran into an old friend of the family and friends of my eldest son, John Sebesta. I’ve known John for over 14 years, played soccer with him, watched him graduate at the top of his class, heard of his engineering exploits, spoken to him about his experience working at Lockheed Martin negotiating contracts, and before this last meeting his soon to be exploits starting and running a business in South America.  John is one of those rare team player geniuses that always improves a team with his energy and intellect. We are in negotiations with him to become our CFO with hopes he will join us full time in a couple of months.

While all this was going on, we missed a few blocks, tripped a couple of times down the court and made some passing errors.  Specifically, our gateway has had 3 releases in the last 3 weeks. The last one broke the read sensors. It will be fixed by this afternoon.  I made a copy command for our complex event technology that deleted some key events in our test communities and this too will be fixed by the end of the day.  On the bright side we discovered that we will be able to install into the vast majority of home security company homes, that is 34 million homes, use their existing sensors, combine their output with our event technology and wearables and deliver unprecedented understanding of the occupants health and notify family, friends, medical staff, and emergency services of falls, health issues, wandering, and break-ins.

We are a TEAM!

The Story of Zanthion - Chapter 1 - Today

Startup Chapter 1 – Zanthion Today


Powered by Zanthion

We have decided to chronicle our journey as a startup so that others can benefit from the lessons we have learned.  Our journey has been filled with joy and some disappointment. This is our story. Chapter 1 is about where we are today and why.

Today, Zanthion is poised for launch within the next 30 days to enter the senior quality of life predictive analytics market with healthcare predictive analytics having a CAGR of 29.3% and a total market value of 1.48 billion.  Zanthion’s main emphasis for the first year is to limit falls and sepsis through predictive analytics with a combined market value of 14.39 billion by 2025.

Our recent validation as a company has come in many forms the first of which was the acquisition of a new incredibly gifted COO (J), with 25 years experience in medical technology and senior care.  He inquired about the company 3 months ago and joined the next day. His input has congealed 4 ½ years of effort and the technical foundation into a machine ready for market.

Shortly after J joined, inquiries started coming in from companies seeking to pivot home alarm companies into senior citizen-oriented quality of life companies, staffing agencies for senior care facilities, and international companies asking for platforms to support their home health agency just in time delivery of service.  We even had television personalities calling us for a home shopping network.

Some of those calls were calls from people and companies seeking to leverage our hard work with what they believed was a differentiator in the marketplace.  One such company felt that we should allocate significant Zanthion stock and strike a partnership because they had established baseline measurements for the health signs that indicate frailty and [soon to be] falls.  Of course, that data is easily available through academic and industry research papers and a portion of your company does not need to be relinquished to acquire it. Furthermore, sensor-based and habit-based artificial intelligence is not reliant on a baseline.  Those same companies pitched us on their existing call center as a deal breaker. Those, too, are easily purchased and set up in our modern world.

An alarm company called us and asked us if we could provide support for their already existing pendant and home alarm sensors which used GPRS, phone technology, to handle all alarms.  We indicated that we could do that but it would require at least a half of work or 3 people 2 months at $125k. For that price he wanted us to provide our backbone provisioning, maintenance, analytics, and responder products for $1 a month per subscription and tried to negotiate the $125k down to $36k.  This kind of bartering is counterproductive for a small company.

Because we suddenly were exhibiting high demand for our platform J and I decided we needed to augment our 5 man team with a new CTO.  We placed a job posting on outlining our exact needs, our current ability to pay, and the company status. We received 63 applicants many from mainstream corporate America with prior CTO and business owner titles.  We asked CTO applicants to take the indeed Logic and Critical Thinking exam and received expert qualifications on 2 of 63 applicants. This was extremely disappointing as we expected a much better showing logically from CTO candidates.

These cases are examples of growing pains and the disappointments that are part of a growing company.  What we learned from them was how to quickly differentiate the real from the unreal. Being able to differentiate the real from the unreal, the opportunity from the misdirection, reasonable funding vs unreasonable funding, valid functions vs invalid functions, and on and on is what ends up being the most important part of what startup leaders to.  We avoid spinning our wheels as much as possible.

We are extremely confident in our products ability to provide value to a tremendous community of seniors and their families with watches that detect falls and notify others of wandering and a complete fixed BLE sensor line integrated with our wearable technology.  Today, we applied for loans for $250,000 in order to purchase inventory to package and sell into the marketplace. Every company worth their salt reaches the point where they need revenue to get loans and loans to get revenue. This is where most startups take venture capital.  They seek venture capital because they have been churning in the chicken and the egg scenario long enough where they are losing the market opportunity and they know that if they do not act they will lose their market. We are fortunate. Our market is considerable and there are still lenders who understand the value of our market and it’s potential.  When finance companies take the chance on companies like Zanthion they are leveraging a small loan into hundreds of millions of dollars of future financing. It is a smart move. Soon we will launch the most comprehensive senior quality of life product in the market today enhancing the quality of life for millions of families in the years to come.  We are thankful to everyone that has helped us make this happen.

Philip Regenie – Founder and CEO – May 20, 2019


Chapter 2 – coming May 27th





AI technology is changing the world of senior care for the better, according to Philip Regenie, CEO of Zanthion – a company that produces AI technology that helps patients in assisted living facilities. ELDERLY ARE RUNNING OUT OF CARETAKERS. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROMISES TO HELP. on September 13, 2018 by Yelena Mandenberg

Aging In Place

Aging In Place Technology Watch: New Technology Offerings for Caregivers and Families

Aging In Place Technology Watch

Recent reports show that a shortage of direct care staff is affecting the ability of senior care facilities to maintain quality of care to elderly residents. For example, the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies documented a 97% staff turnover rate for certified nurse aides and an average 90% turnover rate for registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses. New Technology Offerings for Caregivers and Families on August 28, 2018 by Laurie Orlov

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LaunchPad: Silicon Valley And The Seniors


It doesn’t take a radical disruptor to know that the senior smart tech market is ripe with opportunity. Silicon Valley’s innovator class isn’t generally known for catering to the silver-haired crowd Silicon Valley And The Seniors by Rachelle Dragani for Dyson on Aug. 7, 2018.