QUALITY OF LIFE FOR EVERYONE – a blog about a better world 1 A Day in the Life of a Zanthion Community Quality of Life for Everyone A Day in the Life of a Zanthion Community By Philip Regenie on August 18, …Read More August 20, 2018 / Philip Regenie Latest News Markets Insider mentioned […]

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Service Aging In Place

AGING In Place Senior Care Monitoring For Those Who Live At HOME SHOP 1 HELP CALL ♦ FALL DETECTION ♦ PROTECTION ♦ NOTIFICATION A complete crowdsourced with friends, neighbors, and family in home senior monitoring system with wandering notification Quality Of Life For Everyone We know you worry about your parents and loved ones who […]

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Areas of Service

Areas of SERVICE – delivering quality of life for everyone CONTACT US 1 Aging In Place Zanthion provides a complete solution for aging in place including  environmental assessment, cost estimates on modifying the environment to optimize senior comfort, contract services to enhance the environment, environmental sensors that help improve the quality of a seniors life […]

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Senior Monitoring System

S.M.A.R.T. Communities Keep your family and community members safe LEARN HOW 1 The Zanthion SMART Senior Care Platform The Zanthion SMART Senior Care Platform makes the difference between a minor incident and a fatal one. Zanthion helps you keep community members stronger for longer with better decisions, lower costs, and a higher quality of existence. […]

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Hillside Haven Retirement Residence

How Technology Helps Our Residents Sleep Better

How Technology Helps Our Residents Sleep Better By Michael Gestetner, Director, Hillside Haven Retirement Residence According to the National Sleep Foundation, seniors need the same amount of sleep as young and middle-aged adults. Unfortunately, many seniors have difficulties with sleep, struggling to fall asleep or remain sleeping long enough to satisfy their needs. There can […]

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