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At Zanthion we know that you need to deliver the Real-Time Health Monitoring. You need a new way to collect, analyze, predict, and react to all health data. We’ve developed a comprehensive agnostic data collection and AI prediction platform for real time health with verification and validation of protocols.


until the next senior dies from a fall in the US


of adults aged 65+ fall every year


dollars direct medical costs for falls per year


seniors have dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease


maximum time from fall to notification


monitoring in and out of the residence


reduction in readmission rates


customer satisfaction

why zanthion?


Safe, secure and stylish wearables with SOS and automatic fall detection

Home protection

Home patient monitoring and home protection with crowdsourced and call center notification and support


Zanthion goes beyond notification of acute incidents and enables proactive prevention of incidents through predictive analytics

Keep in touch

Highly reliable two way communication from stakeholder to person or location of incident

find out what system is best for your lifestyle

Step 1 of 6 - activity level

Inactive for Too Long

Set up an alarm notification to alert you when your loved one has been inactive too long for any reason during specific times of the day.

Temperature Out of Range

Zanthion can alert you if your body temperature is out of range.  Especially useful in flu season and the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Fall Detection and Notification

Zanthion has next-generation fall detection and prevention inside and outside the home.  If you fall, your loved ones will be notified and shown your precise location.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Set up heart rate alarms for all day or for any period in the day.  You loved ones will be notified if your heartrate is outside the bounds defined for too long.

Real-time GPS

Zanthion uses a geospatial technology with millisecond response times that notifies you instantly that your loved one has left a perimeter defined by you. Our Real-Time GPS works in conjunction with our Open/Close sensors so that from the moment a senior opens the door you are notified.

Proactive Alerts

Noticing changes in activities of daily living can lead to early interventions. Zanthion watches over a senior’s daily patterns and identifies significant changes that could signal a concern.

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