Connect Your Device Mine Crypto

The Health Network is powered by health data from any watch, phone, or tablet - made possible by the OM Blockchain

A New Kind of Crypto Miner

Mining OMVH is done by installing the OM Application on your watch, tablet, or phone.  That's it.

Whenever your device is connected to the network through WiFi or Cellular your health data is mining OMVH tokens for you and rewarding you with aggregated decentralized anonymous health and mining statistics in real time on dashboards available on all your connected devices.

Join the Network and Start Mining

How do I earn OMH?

Participants earn OMH by downloading the OM Health App onto their watch, tablet, or phone, installing behavioral sensors and participating in the activities of life such as walking, showering, eating, taking their heart rate, taking their oxygen levels, and checking on their blood pressure.  That's it.

Collect and Send

Tablets, phones, and watches collect data from surrounding sensors and from internal sensors and send that data to the backend which mines OMVH.

The Value of OMH

Millions of devices including Android phones, iPhones, wearables, and sensors can use the Health Network with each device assigned to participants in the network.  That data is sent and processed as health events which earn OMVH tokens.

Join the Network and Start Mining